Soylent Experiment

So, wanted to share my (rather expensive) experience of attempting 100% Soylent for just over a week.

In my experience, Soylent is not suitable at all for 100%, I know even Huel this is not recommended but it seems healthy enough to do so and I have encountered a few people on these forums who seem to have been more or less 100% Huel for months/years with no negative effects.

First of all, and I was shocked to discover this, but the fiber in Soylent is extremely low. Having 5 Soylent bottles a day will only provide you with 14.5g of fiber. I was wondering why I was having trouble in the toilet, with really constipated stool, huge blocks of condensed stool despite plentiful water, very difficult both to pass and to sit inside you. There’s a comparison article by Huel somewhere, either on these forums or the main site, which lists all the ways in which Soylent is deficient to Huel in a nutritional sense. It does taste significantly better, it’s easier to consume, this is absolutely all it has going for it.

With Huel, I can do as little as 9 scoops a day and notice drastic differences in my skin clarity/glowing, bowel movements (easy and regular, broken too), energy levels (Soylent does NOT give me anywhere close to the energy zeal of Huel, even on 100% Soylent I feel more energetic from 3 scoops of Huel), nails feel stronger and look pinker.

I will say just in general, I do not feel healthy while consuming 100% Soylent at all, which really makes me ponder the point of Soylent, what is it trying to achieve, when being so seemingly nutritionally deficient in certain areas. I suppose it could just be me it does not sit well with, but while doing Huel I genuinely feel energetic and renewed, and ridiculously healthy, I struggled to feel anything close to it with Soylent.


I guess part of it is to find the right shoes for you. But I agree that most people will have a shoe size and I do not feel that Soylent does a particularly good job fitting that size. I feel that in Europe there are much better brands, starting with Huel.

Interesting to see your little experiment though. Did you feel hungry at all?

P.S. I think it would be interesting if you did the same with Saturo (which is one of the brands that is most similar to Soylent, but EU based).

I didn’t feel particularly hungry, nor did I have the more intense food cravings I experience when doing full Huel, at least not to the same extent. Soylent is very sweet and contains a lot of sugar and fat in comparison to Huel, so I did get more of a “full” feeling when drinking it.

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