An experiment in eating pretty much nothing but Huel (with a few very occasional exceptions)

Hello Huelites(?). I’m going into my 3rd week of a planned 3-month 100% Huel diet, should anyone be interested in following. I’ve been keeping a blog as a kind of motivator.

I’m not sure how interesting it is so far, but here’s the link:



Keep us posted of your progress :smile:

@Ed_ interesting stuff thank you. Can you give us a little background about you in your blog, e.g. goals, gender, height, weight, body fat % if you know it , activity level. It just gives a bit of context.

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Hi Julian - thanks for that. I’ve added more details - will figure out body fat percentage later.

Any other suggestions for making this more useful are welcome. I know it’s a bit unscientific at the moment

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This is a great ideal.

The founder of Soylent did the same thing (How I Stopped Eating Food). He lived on nothing but Soylent for three months, his blog when viral, and three years later, here we all are enjoying Huel!

I like your blog. My personal opinion: I don’t care how many calories you consume a day, nor the breakdown per meal. This will get repetitive after 13 weeks. Lose the tables, but keep those detailed observations coming. Good stuff there.

@Ric Interesting link… I didn’t know about Soylent before. He’s pretty much covered all the things I’ve been experiencing on Huel - definitely the energy and certainly this:

“After a week advertisements for fast food looked repulsive.”

…although they always did, come to think of it.

I just have to remember to drink it four times a day, which when you neither look forward to nor dread something (as someone else said about Huel in another thread), can be tricky. More often than ever before I just forget to eat, so I’m not getting all the benefit.

Thanks for the suggestion to lose the table from the blog. If I find time to start writing up again I’ll just stick to general observations as you say - keeping a detailed diary was a pain in the ass. But the blog doesn’t feel necessary as a personal motivator anymore. As the Soylent bloke found, cravings for other food have disappeared, along with my enthusiasm (and sadly my patience) for making it. I’m converted, I suppose.

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