Hi. My Huel journey started last weekend 28-11-2015


A while back I came across Soylent and was curious about it. With the UK delivery not being an option, I didn’t get anywhere with that idea.
Now I have received my first shipment of Huel and adjusted my diet to include 2 or 3 drinks of Huel, mixed with milk and water.

If you check out my myfitnesspal page you can see if I’m well behaved or not :smile:

My plan is to have an early breakfast with a protein shake, then after I get to my workplace will have a more conventional breakfast. Huel will be on my lunch and evening meal(s) menu. Plenty of fruit, yoghurt and some homemade bread to fill in the gaps.

For now, I have a powerlifting competition in December, so I won’t aim for a kcal deficit. However, for next year I want to drop from the <93kgs class to the <83kgs class (I am at 88kgs right now). I’ll have about 1800-2000kcals per day and Huel will help me keep in control.

So far, Huel seems to be easy to live with. The taste is not weird at all, and with my first order I can change between normal, vanilla and strawberry flavours to keep food boredom at bay.


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quick update!

I just mixed Huel with water, milk and my protein powder (“Rocky Road” flavour) and it’s… quite a treat!

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Just had Yeo Valley strawberry yoghurt with Huel for dinner. A teaspoon of peanut butter too. nom nom nom.

For today a total of (approximately) 2000kcals and not bored at all.

@NP_Lima welcome to the Huel community. I’ve read your fitnesspal tracking, interesting use of Huel. :smile:

Another successful experiment: Huel + Skyr = yum!

Skyr is a traditional Icelandic food, which they normally mix with other stuff. I heard that technically it’s a strained cheese, but nobody should take huge offence with it being called a yoghurt. For me it’s a sufficiently neutral flavoured natural yoghurt with 11g protein per 100 grams. Fage greek yoghurt is arguably tastier but only if you get the full fat variety. the % of sugars and of fat is quite different though.

I’ve been eating this by the bucketload since I found the Arla 500ml pots of Skyr, which are sold at Tesco and Waitrose. Sometimes I mix it with flavoured yoghurt, as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Soooo, today I mixed 1 scoop of Huel with 150ml of Skyr, and while it wasn’t easy to mix, it was tasty and I will have it more often.

Next experiments:
200ml of Skyr + 1 scoop of Huel
200ml of milk + 2 scoops of Huel + 2 spoons of Nescafe (+ water)

[You can see more about my kcal controlled diet on MyFitnessPal.
I lost 13kgs of mostly fat from June15 to October15. Right now I’m training for a powerlifting meet, rather than aim for a kcal deficit.]

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Oaaakay. today’s experiment not so great. Skyr of the strawberry flavour type (not the one with some strawberry jam in the jar) does not mix well at all. I’m not hungry but this was not a pleasant meal.

The difference must be that Yeo Valley is much more liquid/runny and sweeter so it mixed well and tasted good.

Upside: 300kcals because I only mixed 1 scoop of Huel with the yoghurt.

Will have another scoop with milk and water later, before gym time.


This morning I took my normal Huel mix (400ml water to 100gm Huel blended with some crushed ice then left overnight in the fridge). - and put 150ml of the strawberry Skyr into the shaker, stirred it in with a spoon and then gave it a good shake. Tasted lovely

I think about 500 calories in total and a nice treat.

I’m doing the complete Huel diet at approx 1600-1800 calories a day, only adding some Itsu seaweed thins (24 calories a pack) to break up the monotony.