Middle aged lady experimentimg with Huel

I gave it over a week before I posted here, because I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but this really does seem to be a great choice for me. I need to lose fat and retain muscle (always a tricky trade off) and this is helping me manage cravings far better than I expected. I am trying to maintain a physically and mentally active life - retraining as a nurse, studying and some energetic training (yoga and kettleballs - not at the same time! But the perfect combo for me.)

Anyway. This last week I have been energised, feeling stronger, and just cleaner somehow. I have not had a 100% huel day yet - I have had 1,500 calories with it, plus a light vegan meal at about six pm. (I’m vegan anyway, and huel fits perfectly with that.)

This feels like food. Like good food. I am a big sturdy girl (five foot ten and hefty) and this is not leaving me wanting.

Speaking of weight - last Tuesday I was 14 stone 1 pound. Today I am 13 stone 12. I will post my stats more comprehensively when I get on the computer.

But, for now - this experiment is off to a good start.


Welcome - glad it’s going wll :slightly_smiling:

I am still loving this. Thought I would check in and say that it is so much easier to eat healthily and not succumb to cravings on this diet.

I have lost a pound this week, though I am not primarily doing this for weight loss, but for health improvement. It must be doing something right - I took my resting heart rate this morning, and it was below seventy for the first time in ten years. I think the combination of sensible exercise and a good diet is having a good effect even more quickly than I thought.

I did have some slight bowel issues on one day, but I suspect that might have been because of work related stress rather than huel.

Other than that all is going well. Two and a half weeks in, and still enjoying it.


I ended up having a break for a while, because I went to Ireland to visit family and forgot to pack it. Needless to say, I gained weight (I can’t go to Ireland and not gain weight. It must be genetic, I gain five pounds just stepping off the plane). However, when I got back to England and started again with my stash of Huel the family feasting weight came off without me even trying.

And, I’ve started running again. Okay, I’m still not fast - cannot run even a kilometre without dropping back to walking pace, but I’m getting faster, and have a lot more energy in the day.

Good to be back, people.

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Thank you for sharing your experience! It all sounds really good :smiley:

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Hey, Stiainín - nice to see I am not the only Irish girl on the forum!


Alas, Irish ancestry rather than by birth, but even so :smiley:

I’m one week into my own experience (and have a friend joining me to boot) - in my case, it IS intended somewhat for weight loss, although that’s more something I expect to happen whilst my health and fitness increase. What I actually want is the simplicity of getting decent nutrients into me throughout the day, and the vegan nature of it means I’m likely to avoid a lot of issues I have from mild lactose and sucralose (perhaps every-ose) intolerances :slight_smile:

Thus far, I’ve adapted to the taste and am bemused by my lack of cravings for junk. May it continue!

(Also, I hope your nurse training continues to go well!)