The sceptic - can't cook, won't cook!

Firstly, apologies if I shouldn’t be posting this here. If so, please feel free to delete it!

I started this as an experiment, not for weight loss reasons, but mainly because I hate cooking and I’m lazy! Im a bar manager and as such, my hours are long and my diet is terrible. I eat junk food a lot and could happily spend my days asleep in bed given the chance.

I spent last summer in Alderney, where there are no fast food options and food is caught, killed or grown mostly on the island. That coupled with fresh air and sunshine saw me return to the best shape I had ever been in. Then I came back to England and it all went to pot!

I had been watching Soylent for a while, but cost and UK delivery infrastructure stopped me from ordering it. Then I saw huel and ordered a weeks worth on payday.

Day one saw me start with a bacon and egg sandwich and then 3 scoop, 500ml, 1 tbsp Ceylon cinnamon mix. Was very tasty if a bit ‘sweetener-bitter’. Not much hunger or associated digestive discomfort as has been reported.

Day two and I had the same mix for breakfast, but with half tspn cinnamon and half tspn instant coffee with ice. Tasted amazing! I had a sausage roll at lunch time and am yet to feel hungry. I’ll have another huel mix tonight for dinner.

I have noticed slight headaches since yesterday, but I am attributing this to long hours, recovering illness and massively decreased sugar levels. As it wasn’t unusual for me to go a whole day at a time without eating I’m thinking I will take the plunge and go straight to 100% meal replacement with the odd snack or meal when I visit home etc.

So far it looks likely that this could result in a massive change for the better in lifestyle and savings! The ‘experiment’ will be to see if I gain an inclination to exercise, resulting from an increased feeling of vitality and heightened energy levels.

Thanks to you guys, keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the comments and welcome to Huel family.