Delighted by this and nice to meet you all!

I started this ten days ago in a bid to gain weight as I have a BMI of 13.1 due to my aggressive metabolism.

Two 100g Huel drinks a day instead of snacking on top of my regular meals is having a twofold effect - easily hitting my 3400 kcal daily intake and feeling great.

I look forward to each drink I have and seriously, my appetite is ridiculously enhanced. I don’t currently intend to do a full conversion - using this as a brilliant way to hit my intake.

This might not be for everybody but I’ve gained 1.5lbs in the last week and that’s a profoundly enormous step in the right direction. It felt good to do exercise today and I feel as though this is the missing link in what I’m trying to accomplish physically!

I fully intend to keep updates on here about my gains and development. :3


Glad it’s all going well for you.

Welcome to the Huel forum

It’s interesting to see someone using it to gain weight rather than lose weight. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Gone from 8.3 stn to 8.10 in ten days. I feel amazing and look fantastic from a health point of view.

Can’t wait to see where this goes!