10 days in on 80% Huel, 2.5kg down already

Don’t mistake me, I am interested in Huel for the nutrition and simplicity and convenience, this is what hooked me in. The easy calorie counting is a bonus too but mostly is the simplicity in being able to get all my nutrition and energy in a very simple way.

It kinda makes the previous 15 years of my life since I left home and started cooking for myself seem like such a load of hassle without ever thinking there may even be another option.

Maybe it’s because I am into the minimalist philosophy too.

So, after a long trip of travelling and then corona and no gyms opened. Gained some kgs since last December. I am 8kg up from my maximum BMI recomendation. I am 6kg up from last December.

Been on Huel for a few months, 1 a day most days, fasting in the mornings. But it was the dinners in the evening where i was weak, living back home at the moment with the old man. He and his gf eat lots of good tasty homemade food like Spag Bol and Lasagne and the likes, of which I like to indulge.

But 10 days in on a shift from removing myself from their evening dinners and having a Huel for dinner too, and a hot huel too now to help even futher, otherwise I just steam some veg and add a knorr stock pot.

feel AWESOME, and balanced, and energetic, not overly energetic though, in a manic kind of way, more of a steady increased energy which is awesome.

once i reach my target weight, i will get back to the weights and probably get into the Huel Black to get some added protein in.

just wanted to share on here my experience.