1st time user, 10 days in, started on lunch only, but can see myself replacing breakfast too

I do intermittent 16-18 hour fasts so don’t usually eat breakfast, trying to lose 6kg in 6 weeks too after a long holiday and eating out most of the time.

But once I am back to 80kg I can see myself eating Huel for breakfast too and then just eating dinner.

Tried a couple of times to eat Huel for the whole day but it does get hard towards the end of the day when I have not eaten any ‘real’ food to turn down a cooked meal.

I love it how I am getting all the vitamins and minerals my body needs.

I am currently self employed but I can imagine too the next time I am employed, the convenience of Huel for lunch at work would be a deal breaker.

This could possibly be one of those things that you come across every once in a while that really make a difference and a big change in your life.

Love the taste of the Vanilla V3.

So easy for calorie counting too.

I have also been feeling more energetic than usual, and just overall satiated, maybe this is a placebo what I will say next, but, I have felt like I have been feeling so good due to maybe getting all the nutrients my body needs, I usually put some effort into this with real food and used to take multivitamins but with Huel you know you are getting everything you need, if that’s not the reason why I have been feeling so good it could be due to drinking more blended meals and it being easier on my body to digest, due to it being blended and not solid food.

All in all, I am very happy so far with Huel, it’s always been such a challenge in the past, choosing between the convenience of eating out and the better quality food you can get when cooking at home, more control over the ingredients and cheaper price buying from the supermarket, but it takes time. With Huel, it’s like I have just automated a big chunk of that hassle.

I think I’d feel like I was turning into a robot if I just ate Huel 3x a day, but cooking one meal a day, is way easier than 2-3 meals a day!!

I will not be surprised if Elon musk buys this stuff in the near future for his astronauts on mars



I did that months ago during some 2-4 rough days and although I felt good I felt like a robot in a very weird way… I always try to cook myself at least 1 meal per day.


Yeah, I’ve also tried replacing all meals on some days, it just isn’t for me. Currently I drink one RTD per day and have two normal meals. I think it’s a psychological thing but I just feel nauseous if I don’t have some salt & umami at least once a day. I’m also used to using a lot of salt in my food.

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I always add salt to my Huel, I need that.

If I not add it, I am hungry for junk food, specially salty and greasy

I’m in the same boat as you, sort of. I have Huel twice a day. I was going to go ‘all in’ but decided that life would just be to boring. What makes Huel twice a day much easier is having a big cooked breakfast each day, which means I don’t really need my first huel for about 7 hours. Then I have my second Huel about 5 hours after my first. When I eventually go to bed, my stomach feels empty and is even rumbling a bit, which feels so much nicer than going to bed feeling full.

I keep thinking it would be nice to go 100% Huel but I don’t think I’ll ever do this as I’d worry I’d give up through boredom and go back to the bad ol’ days.

As for Elon Musk, he’s rich so he’ll probably just steal the idea. Hahaha.

Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about your experience. I would certainly say your energy is due to a more complete diet, definitely. Many people think Huel is some magic formula, but really it’s just representative of what we’re meant to consume and therefore what we’re meant to feel like!

Keep it up and thanks for being part of the team!

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