First timer! Advice?

Good evening all!

I’ve got my first week of Huel in the post.

I want to try and use it more as a weight loss tool more than anything.

My idea was to use it for breakfast and for my meal at work, and then i could still have my family meals when work hours allow. Obviously I’d be having a third of my daily portion at a time at the most, I want to try and consume around 1500 calories a day. So abut 2 500 cal portions then my meal on the night, do you think this would work?

Thanks in advance, excited to start!


Hi Shaun,

Yes, this will work. You may also find that it keeps you going for longer if you drink it slowly. Maybe even divide it up into smaller portions. Also, make sure you drink additional water.

Brilliant thank you :slight_smile:

For what it is worth, I don’t have a problem with drinking my Soylent quickly. Huel, like Soylent, is a combination of both fast-burning AND slow-burning carbohydrates, so it isn’t necessary to drink slowly.

Well, I was just going by my own experience back in the summer. I was able to make a little go a long way by sipping it frequently. One particular day, I did a 5 hour bike ride and had constant energy the whole time because I was consuming small amounts of Huel frequently throughout the bike ride. It was a very different experience to another bike ride a week or two before where I had drank a bottle quickly before, then some more when I got back. Much shorter bike ride, but far less energy.

But I even find this is true when sat working in the office. If I drink small amounts frequently throughout the day, I’m pretty much constant all day. I can do it by having larger amounts less frequently, and feel fine, as long as I have enough of it.

The point is, if someone is restricting their calories, they can make those calories go further if they spread them out. Even with slow-releasing food. It releases even more slowly if you consume is slowly.

So you’re right, it isn’t necessary to drink it slowly. It’s just even better, in my opinion.

Of course, during a 5-hour exercise session, you want to consume throughout. To suggest otherwise is like telling a marathon runner to chug a gallon of water before the start, and none throughout. A 5-hour exercise session is much different than losing weight through calorie counting.

If someone is restricting their calories, calories will not go “further” by spreading them out by sipping slowly all day. 2000 calories of Huel consumed in four quick servings is the same as 2000 calories of Huel sipped slowly throughout all waking hours.

A lot of people need to get the mindset that any powdered food is just that: food. If you are comfortable grazing all day, then by all means, sip Huel slowly throughout the day. If you are comfortable eating a meal in under 10 minutes, then by all means, drink your Huel in one quick sitting. Neither option is better, per se. It is all what works best for the individual.

I’m not saying it will make a difference to how they lose weight. But I am saying it might make a difference to how the person feels if it keeps their energy level more stable. Seriously, try it, Ric, and see if you notice a difference. And I’m not for one minute suggesting you feel bad or hungry or lacking in energy at the moment. I’m talking about feeling even better. So I would say that drinking it in several larger meals is fine, but spreading it out is excellent. But not in terms of weight loss, just in terms of how you feel.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that some people can be quite active in their daily life. It’s a not a black-and-white choice between either a 5 hour bike ride or sitting down all day. Also, I’m not drinking Huel to lose weight. I’m drinking it to remove some of the hassle of preparing and eating food. And I also want to feel really good if I can. Spreading it out throughout the day gives me a real constant feeling that I really like.

I’m also not entirely convinced it is quite the same as normal solid food. Chewing food slows the process down, and if you eat solid food quickly it means you don’t chew it thoroughly enough, which means extra work for your stomach do do, doesn’t it? If we were to chew solid food until it was liquid consistency, that would naturally slow the process down. Whereas if you dump a full liquid meal in your stomach, even if it’s made up of slow-release ingredients, isn’t it still less work for your stomach to do than if there are solid pieces that need to be broken down? But of course, I’m not a qualified nutritionist or a doctor, so perhaps it’s not my place to assume it works that way.