Huel Newbie - Starting My Journey

So I have been bombarded with Huel advertisements on my social media lately, maybe due to my search history containing “quick healthy meals” “easy meal prep” and the like.
I’d heard of Soylent from a YouTube video a few years ago and not much since so decided to do a bit of research on Huel.

The convenience of Huel is what drew me in; I work a desk job 9 hours a day from 7am, so I usually skip breakfast, snack throughout the day and then when I’m home I’m either too tired to make the effort of cooking healthy from scratch or I find an excuse to order take-away.
Of course take-outs and easy meals have meant pounds have piled on. Weightloss with Huel is what sold me to give the magic powder a try.

I’m female, 24 years old, 170cm tall and as of 9th October 2017 weigh in at 90kg.
I’ve always been overweight, but never as heavy as I am now.

My current BMR is 2072.2 (sedentary) so I’m first going for a 500 calorie deficit, allowing me a 1572.2 daily calorie intake.

I plan to have two three scoop servings of Huel a day (breakfast and dinner) and normal food for lunch for the next 28 days. My work supplies free hot and cold meals for lunch everyday, so as long as I stick to the healthier options I’ll stay within my allowance.

I’ve never had a problem with eating the same food all of the time, so the repetitiveness won’t be a bother. I have ordered the flavour sachets with my 4 bags of Huel to keep it a little bit interesting.

I’m looking forward to the convenience most, but the added benefit of weightloss will help me with sticking to it.

Can you recall your first experience with Huel or are you just starting out too?

Do you think I’m going about this right or do you have any suggestions?


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I skip breakfast too, although it’s a conscious effort to do so as it provides health benefits (it’s a form of intermittent fasting). I have my first meal around lunchtime. Maybe you could experiment with this too, as I find it easier to save my calories until later in the day so I don’t snack at night.

Is 2072 your TDEE rather than your BMR, as it’s 500 calories below your TDEE you should consume each day to lose on average 1lb/week.

Read the posts on preparing Huel as some like it simple, and others prefer leaving it in the fridge overnight or blending it. Good luck!

Sounds like you’ve got a decent structure there - good luck!

As ElectroDan says, have a read around the forum about preparing Huel. I tend to add coffee for my breakfast one, and Matcha if I am having it for lunch or dinner (I typically replace 2 meals per day Mon-Fri).