Soylent / Liquid diet Survey

I’ve just received this from Queal - I used to a customer before moving to Huel.

It’s a survey collecting people’s experiences.

At the end you can optionally put your email address so that you receive the results.

Yeah I filled them out. The results are interesting! I won’t post them here as looking at them spoils the study, but worth having a look for last years results.

I didn’t realise there was one last year! A quick google for the 2015 results found it - very interesting.

I look forward to seeing Huel as a big spike on the graph as everyone’s preferred :slight_smile:

One of the big places they promote it is on r/soylent and the soylent forum so I would expect that might skew the results in their favour a bit :joy:

This is comment is very disingenuous.

Ketosoy is coordinating, but producers of 8 different distributions are working together to put the survey together. Rosa Labs (Soylent) is not one of the 8 distributors. So if it should be “skewed” it should be skewed in Ketosoy’s favour a bit. Or one of the other seven.

This survey is promoted on every board Ketosoy can find. Like the OP states, he received his copy from Queal.

Also, r/soylent is soylent with a lowercase s. Not Soylent, but soylent. r/soylent is the reddit board that encompasses all powdered food brands. A quick visit shows that Joylent, Queal, and a few minor players are heavily active in that reddit topic.

You do have a point but the reddit soylent forum is heavy on soylent. If it’s not aimed at and dominated by soylent why is a soylent logo at the top? I suggested they added more logos or changed the name to something more generic but ended up getting shadow banned.

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Of course the reddit soylent forum is heavy on Soylent (again, need to clarify via uppercase/lowercase S/s). Nobody ever said it isn’t dominated by Soylent. It is majority Soylent because the majority of soylent users use Soylent. And because soylent (again, lowercase) is the accepted term for all powdered foods (I understand you don’t like this, but it is), they won’t change the name to something more generic.

reddit/powderedfood? Powdered food was a conglomerate website that promoted Ketosoy, 100%Fuel, and another soylent). Any other suggestion, although it might be a good one, would be rejected because, again, “soylent” is now the accepted term for all powdered foods. That’s not me saying so. That is the community speaking.

But that gets away from the point: Huel saying it would be expected a Ketosoy survey will “skew the results in [Soylent’s] favour a bit” is completely false. It is unfair to Soylent, and it is unfair to Ketosoy. In fact, when Ketosoy has posted this in various forums, they have been careful to not state who is behind the survey, so as NOT to skew any results.

As others have said, Huel is good product. Be proud of it; no need to take cheap shots at other companies. It may sometimes come across as petty.

Oh I wasn’t meaning to say anything like that, just I didn’t expect to see Huel high up on this list is all! I don’t know many Huelers that peruse those places, but I wasn’t meaning to criticise the study in any way. I can definitely see why it would come across that way though so I’m sorry about that.

Soylent is not the accepted terns for all powdered food, maybe in america but not in the world. There are 7 billion people in the world and 320m in America. Soylent is sold in 2 countries. Huel, Joylent, Ambronite are sold in well over 30 countries.

So my points are:

  1. If the reddit forum is truly a general forum for all “complete foods” or “total foods” (we have moved on from just powdered foods), I think the name should change to encompass all.

  2. At very least the soylent logo should be removed, that makes it confusing to anyone who is visiting that forum, it reinforces that this is the Soylent’s forum “owned” by a single brand. Or it could includes a collage of logos to illustrate that this is a category forum for all brands.


I agree with you on number 2.

Referring to your first point, what do you think the new name should be? (“Complete foods” and “Total foods” would be too ambiguous for reddit.)

I think, in fact, soylent is currently the accepted term, and not just in America. I’ve seen plenty of Mana and Joylent users refer to soylent. But maybe that will change in time.

Interesting, that some brand words take on a larger-than-intended meaning. In a third of America (the South), people ask for a Coke, when they mean soda. Some regions say “pop”, some say “soda” and some say “coke.”

Same with Xerox. For quite a while, people used the words “xerox” and “copy” interchangeably. “Go xerox this proposal.” Same with Kleenex. People still use the word “Kleenex” when they mean any tissue.

So yeah, it sucks for Pepsi to have people refer to their drink as coke. And it clearly bothers you that some people refer to Huel as a brand of soylent. But again, maybe that will change in time.

Well, luckily now, there is a link to the survey directly from the Huel forum. Let’s get those numbers up!

(EDIT: 100%Fuel just added the survey to their forum in the last 8 hours. And they are one of the eight distributors. So, we have the jump on them!)

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I’m actually really excited for the results. Ignoring Huel completely, I love seeing these sorts of studies about communities I’m part of/involved with, really interesting. There’s one or two things I’m hoping have changed from last years study too so it will be good to see if they have.

You should start a Huel subreddit. Seriously.

That is against my theory that a category forum would be better for all. I think having a sperate reddit forum for huel, soylent, joylent, etc, etc, will divide the users too thinly.

When creating a subreddit, reddit say:

"no spaces, e.g., “books” or “bookclub”. avoid using solely trademarked names, e.g. use “FansOfAcme” instead of “Acme”. once chosen, this name cannot be changed.

Great minds think alike.

I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but in the UK s(lowercase)oylent is definitely not the used term for powdered foods. There isn’t one yet. Indeed, in the UK, Xerox isn’t a generally used term; Hoover (for vacuum cleaner) and Tannoy (for speaker system) are. For these types of foods, there isn’t a term yet.

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Soylent’s (uppercase S) own packaging and logo is soylent (lowercase s)

I still think of the green square from the film (showing my age) and do not link it to powdered food or liquid (v2) at all.

I’m sure this is true in many of the ~ 196 countries in the world. But in countries where there is one, it is soylent.

(I have a Hoover! A Hoover Hoover, that is.)

I’ve filled out the survey so I can’t be biased anymore.
Could I ask what list do you mean? I couldn’t find any mention of Huel there (Feb 2015). If there’s another survey I failed to find, could you please share a link (in a private message if necessary).
Alternatively you might mean the options list in the survey itself, and in that case that might not mean much as usually options are randomized (should be at least if using a scientific approach). Actually, I’ve just checked and they are randomized except the official Soylent versions which are always first.

Huel was released in June so wouldn’t have been mentioned in the last survey. I just don’t expect Huel to be super high on the list of users/known about products, which I presume will be mostly Soylent users. I might be completely wrong, but we’re in our first year of operations so it wouldn’t be surprising!

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Huel wasn’t in the 2015 soylent eaters survey. It is in the 2016 survey, linked at the top of this thread.

I presume so, too. At this moment in time, there are more Soylent users than the other brands. And that is one of the thing this survey seeks to measure.

A benefit that Huelers seem to be overlooking: many people will hear of Huel because it is listed in this 2016 survey.