Impartial Huel review for active young men and reluctant cooks

Hi guys, I’ve just reviewed Huel on my website based on my own personal experience testing out the product, check it out! NB Impartial review, I was not paid to test this product, just my two cents…

Mind if I share this on my site? Would have a 500 word intro then click through to continue reading on your website?

Hi there Tristan, yes please do!
If there could be a link to somewhere around the top as well, that would be perfect :slight_smile:

Of course Link above and below and cut to hopefully get full reads on your site

Perfect, thanks!

Thank you for the review. It was an interesting read. I see your points about active people and men needing more calories, however we don’t intend people to use Huel 100% - I know some do of course. The idea of Huel is healthy convenience food for when you don’t have time to make a fully balanced meal, not to replace all your food.

But nevertheless a good read and thank you for posting it.

Thanks for the clarification!

Hi Tim you say ‘however we don’t intend people to use Huel 100%’

I’ve browsed the site on and off for a month or 2 now and as someone who is using Huel 100% this area leaves me a little confused / uncomfortable.

Can you expand on what you mean pls. Some qs that spring to mind;

Is 100% not recommended? For what reasons?

What risks am i subjecting myself to by using 100%?

If this is covered somewhere pls point me and ill go read.

I don’t work for Huel but from what I have read of their marketing and replies on here, it’s not that 100% Huel is unhealthy or a risk (far from it, consuming 2000kcals of Huel provides more than 100% of your daily vitamin/mineral needs), it’s more that Huel is designed as a convenience, to replace meals that are too consuming to prepare/eat whilst also remaining healthy.

There is nothing wrong with consuming 100% Huel.

The main challenges most people will face with attempting 100% Huel are boredom from a lack of variety, a craving for savoury/spicy/solid food. Also the well documented flatulence issues with consuming so much.

You really don’t have anything to be concerned about.

Just to add to @Huelio_Iglesias’s reply to @rtrt’s post…they also mention the social aspect of food and eating together as a reason why people may not wish to go 100%.

However, as Huelio said, I do not believe that there is any risk for those on 100% - there are a fair few on this forum who do that and seem to be doing just fine.

Not for me though - I love my Chinese food and rubbish chat too much!

If you want to use Huel 100% you can, we just recommend easing yourself in to it and don’t dive in straight away. It’s quite a big change for your body to take on board! But many use Huel 100% and we monitored 2 people for a month on 100% Huel and they didn’t experience any health problems.

As @Huelio_Iglesias (stunning username) says, Huel is healthy convenience food and suggesting that Huel is a means to remove all traditional meals from your life is a little polarising. We aren’t saying you can’t do that, but for the vast majority of Huelers it’s about balancing the both at different times in the day.

Hope that answers your questions.

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