My reasons for trying Huel

I received my Huel last Wednesday, I’ve been using it to replace two meals a day (usually breakfast and lunch). Im a 31 year old man living in Manchester. My job requires me to travel alot, which means meals often entail grabbing nutritionally poor choices whilst driving or on trains. Although this hasn’t made me too overweight I hardly feel healthy and have issues managing my blood sugar/energy levels.
I am hoping that with Huel I can always carry a default healthy option and eat normal food when it’s available. I’m astounded by some of the closed mindedness I have seen on Facebook comments/media reaction about this product. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the status quo of food production and consumption is both unsustainable and is making people unhealthy. Radical solutions should be welcomed by society, not mocked.

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Great stuff. Hope you find Huel useful - I’m sure you will.

Any queries, please do let us know.