New to Huel - Boring Personal Blog Type Thing

Apologies in advance for this excessive ramble (my wife’s always telling me to stop it)…

Hello all!

My very first delivery of Huel arrived today, so I figured I would share my experience as I start using it from tomorrow. More for my own benefit as a sort of motivation rather than thinking it will be of any real interest to anyone else. Maybe someone in a similar situation will stumble across this one day and find it helpful one way or another.

I’m a guy in my mid-30s, married for 6 years with two kids under 5. For most of my working life I worked in retail – starting as a shelf stacker and working my way up to a relatively senior manager role in a large supermarket chain. Every day I walked 2 miles to work, walked around for 10+ hours then walked 2 miles home again. I played 5 a side football twice a week and trained and played for an 11 a side team as well – lean and athletic, but never lifted weights or anything so fairly scrawny. My diet was never atrocious, but I pretty much just ate whatever I wanted and never gave it a second thought – toast, pre-pack sandwiches, chocolate, crisps, fizzy juice, out every Fri/Sat/Sun getting pissed with my mates, etc. Dominated by carbs and sugar.

Aged 28 I meet a girl who lives in another city 3 hours away. Long story short I end up moving and transferring my job, then leaving the company 5 years on, I’ve been working behind desks for pretty much the whole time and need to drive to work. I also run my own business which sees me at another desk most evenings.

My diet has been better as we make most of our evening meals from scratch and I drink a LOT less. The problem is at work, where I can stuff my desk with chocolate biscuits and crisps and snack the whole day. Hence I still have the scrawny arms and legs, but now have a big dad belly in the middle and I’ve become really self-conscious of it. I’ve joined a gym and have been going 4 times a week at lunch time, and feel like the next single biggest thing I can do is to curb my snacking – enter Huel.

I don’t expect Huel to do the work for me, but if it can hold off the snack cravings and balance my macros then hopefully it can be the springboard to making better choices and being more active again. I’m naturally quite cynical about things like this, but ready and willing to be convinced. My introduction to Huel was from Dave Gorman a few years ago – who did a pretty excellent job at convincing me it was a horrific idea. A lot of the blogs and columns you find are also pretty negative, so I’m coming into it under no illusions that it’s going to be some sort of magic wand.

As an example, here’s what a typical day would look like for me:
Breakfast: 2 slices of toast, cup of tea (skimmed milk, 1 sugar)
10am: Cup of coffee, snack (corn thins w/chocolate, cereal bar, etc)
Lunch: Pre-packed sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar, fizzy juice. 30 minute brisk walk
4pm: Cup of coffee, snack
7pm: Home cooked meal from scratch

My plan is to replace breakfast and lunch with Huel shakes, continue the evening meals as normal and continue going to the gym - mostly cardio for now, but moving to some weights as I get some fitness back.

I also fully appreciate that it’s highly unlikely I’ll see any noticeable benefit at this time of year!

Starting point: 82kg (height 5’11”)


I actually wrote the above post last night and thought I had posted it, but turns out it didn’t go for some reason.

Day 1

I went for v2.3 Vanilla and Berry in my first order. I’ve got quite a sweet tooth and have read the posts about them being quite sweet so thought they’d be a good start.

Mixed them both up this morning around 6:30am - 3 not-quite-full scoops of each with 600ml water and some crushed ice in a little Breville blender for 30 seconds or so then kept them in the fridge. Figured I’d go plain to start with and take it from there.

Started on the vanilla one when I got to work - it’s really quite nice! Enjoyed it. Reminds me of those little microwave porridge sachets you get with syrup flavouring, only smoother. It has a vague cardboardy aftertaste but it’s not really that noticeable - almost like going for the supermarket own brand porridge over a more expensive one. I’m sure a small bit of extra flavouring of some sort would completely remove that, but it didn’t bother me.

Absolutely miles nicer than any protein shakes I’ve had before, which is what I was expecting the taste to be like.

Had that around 9am then rinsed and refilled the bottle with water which I’ve drunk since. Now at 11:45 I’ve not had any other snacks at all and feel pretty normal about it. Starting to get hunger pangs now, but that’s not necessarily out of the ordinary.

Looking forward to my Berry shake for lunch now!


I’m new to Huel too, but I’m already finding it fits into my lifestyle quite neatly.

Unlike you I’m not naturally scrawny, I’ve got quite a big build but I can easily get a big gut when I am eating the wrong things. I work from home so it’s easy to pick at stuff around the house when I am bored.

Using Huel I have been able to keep on top of my food cravings without stuffing my face all the time.

The way I’m doing it right now is like roughly this:

100g coffee Huel with 500ml water - nultibulleted with ice

100g vanilla Huel with 500ml water (add 1/2 teaspoon of Matcha) - nultibulleted with ice

Something solid, tonight I’ll have a 300 calorie fish pie with lots and lots of veg to fill me up

Evening snack
50g Huel with 250ml water - shaken to avoid waking kids up. I tend to exercise every evening, so this is a useful pick-me-up in the hour or so before I go to bed

Emergency snack!
I did buy some cocoa Huel bars which come in at 250 cals. I probably won’t have one of these every day, but it’s nice to know they are there. They taste really good!

So this is working out pretty well for me so far. I’m not doing this to lose tonnes of weight or anything, it just makes me feel better instead living like this. Normally I am always hungry and my blood sugar is all over the place.

I suppose another thing to say is I am drinking a fair bit of water during the day, and black coffee in the mornings to wake me up! :wink:

As for Huel flavour, I really like the coffee one, I could probably drink that all day.

I haven’t really got such a massive sweet tooth, so I do find the “new and improved” vanilla a bit sickly, but with the matcha it’s really nice. Loads of ice too, that makes it so much better. Sip it slowly over 20 mins!

From what I have read about the Berry flavour, I’m not sure that will be for me. Too sweet. Maybe I will pick up some U/U to mix with the vanilla next time.

Keep sharing your experiences, I find it really interesting to know how other Huel noobs are getting on.


I found that Huel did away with all my cravings (except for the occasional Huel Bar craving :slightly_smiling_face:) so hope it does the same for you!


@huelluva I’ve been considering the coffee Huel for a while but worried I won’t like it…
I LOVE the mocha flavour system
As you’ve tried both, how would you describe the difference in flavour between the two?

I haven’t tried mocha flavour boost, I only have matcha :wink:

I really like the coffee Huel straight as it is, sometimes I throw some organic cacao nibs in with it and blend with ice.

I’ve got the U/U Huel now so I can take the sickly edge off the vanilla. I guess if you found the coffee a bit too overpowering you tone it down with U/U. I’d give it a go!

Ah sorry I misread ! I thought you were adding mocha to your midday Huel but nope it’s matcha! I didn’t like the matcha lol.
Yeah I might stick a bag of coffee onto my next order and see what I think !

coffee is quite understated…but i usually drink my coffee strong and black and freshly ground. Banana is my personal favourite, and I don’t even like fake banana flavours, tho love real bananas. This is synthetic.

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I thought I was going to love the banana but didn’t. It was drinkable but I wouldn’t have it again.
My favs are choc mint and mocha.
Chocolate tastes great at first but becomes less so as you make your way through the shake…
Haven’t tried cacao yet (but not sure why I would want to? I could just add real cacao powder surely?)


Did they do a chocolate orange booster at some point? I hear people talking about chocolate orange flavour but it’s not in the Huel store…

Not yet…choc orange bars but not flavour boosts…but never say never

I did think about getting a bag of coffee Huel but adding a spoonful of instant to new vanilla tastes good enough to me. Must try coffee with Original now I have some.

My favourites in order are:
Mint Choc
Pineapple and Coconut
Toffee, caramel and choc are all about the same
Matcha - I only tried the single sachet, so not sure, but I have real matcha I add on occasions which is good enough for me.
Rhubarb Custard is not as good as I hoped
Strawberry - yuk


I didn’t fancy the matcha flavour sample at all. Thought it smelled strange so chucked it away.

You were far too hasty Bee. The trick with matcha is not to use too much, as it is quite potent. Half a teaspoon with 100g of vanilla Huel is a winner. Totally turns the sickly vanilla into a more refined beverage for a sophisticated palate. :wink:


Haha I will never know what I missed :laughing:

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Came here to say good luck and that Huel sounds like the perfect food for your situation, but now I just want to chime in and say matcha is my fave flavour boost