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Interesting article here, with some input from Mr Collier. The writer eats Huel twice a day (as I and many others do), but eats it thicker from a bowl rather than in a shaker/glass. I’ve never tried it like that. Has anyone else?


It had never occurred to me to have Huel from a bowl - that takes away some of the convenience for me, at least. But each to their own!

Enjoyable article - it didn’t make Huel sound like a cult, which was nice.


My lunchtime Huel is usually 50/50 Huel and oats and I eat it warm as a porridge. It’s pretty good.

Huel + plain yoghurt is really nice as well.

I’ve not tried just Huel before though…maybe I’ll experiment soon…


Agree. Must buy more yoghurt today :yum:

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I like the granola with plain Greek style yogurt, but not thought of trying with Huel powder TBH.

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I’ve put Huel in with porridge, but as the porridge itself… that just seems really strange to me :thinking:

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I guess if it was served warm and with some nice maple syrup flavouring it could be OK, and even cold it could be palatable…never thought to try it, but now I’m getting intrigued. I have some zero cal maple syrup stuff that tastes quite realistic, and I’ve used it in Huel shakes.

I was going to say it’d just be like gloupy flour but I did used to love readybrek so if it was that kind of consistency maybe it’d be ok. Wouldn’t the heat mess with nutrient levels though?

gr(H)uel, yum :laughing:

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Yep, that too!

Yes I did too.

And me! Was my favourite brekky at one time.

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Didn’t know about Huel until this article came up on my Google News feed. Now I’m here reading stuff on the forum and waiting for my first shipment.


Just spotted this on Reddit, peanut butter aside it sounds a lot nicer than just huel…


Good spot…that does sound nice…and I quite like peanut butter too. I do use chia seeds but not very often in Huel as it already has flaxseeds but can see this would thicken it. I don’t have a microwave but can do it in a pan. Will give it a try when I am back from my holiday.

I once tried to put six scoops in a shaker,couldn’t drink it had to eat it with a spoon. it was nice like a thick porridge

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Oohh! Whats is the brand of your maple stuff please?

I actually prefer my Huel thicker, from a bowl, with a spoon. I like some texture too, so my morning meal is U/U with coffee and some granola stirred in. I use about half the suggested quantity of water.

In the winter, I make the same with hot (but not boiling) water - slightly more water needed as the Huel thickens up quite quickly. Then eaten with agave nectar or maple syrup. It’s a bit like a porridge, even slightly reminds me of Ready Brek texture.

My evening meal is a usually savoury Huel - with PBP or nooch and flavoured e.g. curry powder, seaweed and chilli flakes etc. Again, half the suggested quantity of water, from a bowl, with a spoon. For texture I might grate in a carrot or drop in a few chopped nuts and raisins.

I find shaking the shaker tiring (I have arthritis in my hands and arms) so I use a small hand whisk in the bowl to mix it. It took a bit of practice to stop it going everywhere, but a wide, tall bowl helps - the Huel only comes about half-way up so there’s room for splashes!


Yea I will make it thicker and eat it out of a bow too. Some times add granola for crunch. Tastes good and I suppose it feels more like I had food not just a “smoothie” :slight_smile:

Hi, Sorry I didn’t reply earlier…I’ve been away. It is here, and there are several other nice ones here: