Huel gets trashed in liquid meal review

Henry’s input can easily be ditched as as superficial rubbish though. The criticisms about taste are completely misplaced as it is overlooked that many flavourings readily available.

Other comments:

“This (Huel) has the highest levels of vitamins and minerals of the products sampled, but also the highest fat and salt content.”

“Dr Mayur Ranchordas, a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, insists nothing can ever replace food entirely. ‘I think these things are OK once in a while for convenience, say if you’re on a long journey,’ he says. ‘The shakes won’t contain some of the polyphenols [micronutrients in plants] our bodies need.”


I note Huel claims to contain some poyphenols but maybe not the ones Ranchordas is talking about:

could do with some Huel feedback on that.

I think the reviews are fair. It doesn’t taste amazing. We all know that, that’s not why we use it.

It can’t and shouldn’t replace real food in someone’s diet, I use Huel for around 75% of my calories but still admit these remaining calories are eaten as whole foods to keep me regular and functional. 100% works for some, but not for me. That’s okay. That’s not something we have to argue against.

The fat claim is absurd, fat is a macronutrient like any other, fat doesn’t make you fat, I hate people who claim fat is a bad thing. :frowning:


Hey Phil, so what does your daily food plan look like if you dont mind me asking? I also want to achieve that same split :blush:

Even if I had never tried Huel I would dismiss this idiots ‘review’ as a load of :poop: Cold porridge indeed :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Ok taste is subjective but there is not just the one Huel flavour available.


There’s no set plan and it depends entirely on whether I’m bulking, cutting or maintaining, but I have to include eggs, chicken, fish, pasta, brocolli, spinach, cheese and some cakes/treats.

I’ve done 100% a few times now and it hasn’t been a big deal, but I feel better when I’m at about 75% both physically and mentally.

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The salt content of Huel is still low.

The fat level is reasonably high - that’s intentional: omega-3s, omega-3s, monounsaturates and MCTs. Read our articles.


Are there still some “polyphenols [micronutrients in plants] our bodies need” that are not in Huel @JamesCollier ?

OK thats good to know. I just started to lift weights and I’m trying to gain. I was thinking about doing 3 x Huel per day and then cooked dinner.

It’s the Daily Mail though, innit? :roll_eyes:


WTF they have compared the U/U Huel with flavoured versions of the rivals? That is unfair

U/U tastes horrible, I completely agree that its a 1/5, but it is not fair to compare the U/U with the chocolate version of Soylent for example… Its veeeeeeeeeeeery different. With Vainilla Huel it would have been very different

I told you before… Huel should have a plain/neutral flavour, which is quite difficult to develop

The main focus of the article is whether it is cool and macho.

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I know. It’s pathetic though.

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What a crock of shite. :confused:


I don’t care who rubbishes Huel, I like it, and will continue to use it.


Ditto here


I don’t object to anything he said at all apart from the “made for men” comment, that’s obviously bull.

The taste, consistency (without a blender) and appearance are all about right, as is the comparison with cold porridge.

Why’s everyone getting so defensive?

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I think it’s because Huel has become like a good friend to many of us, and we don’t like to hear criticism of our buddy. Or maybe that’s just me being overly sentimental!


Never been to Hull. But I remember Only fools and horses ’ To Hull and back ’ though, brilliant :joy::rofl::rofl::joy: