Huel gets trashed in liquid meal review


Huel is packed with phytonutrients. Oats and flaxseed particularly contribute many that are naturally occurring. In addition, we add lycopene, lutein and zeanthanin to Huel Powder :+1:


I think the taste of earlier Huel versions were much better, the current version just tastes off to me now, and I have a hard time drinking it.

The Huel team might bury my opinion in the “everyone that thinks the older versions was better”-bin, but that is my two cents.


It’s funny how much people’s preference differ. I started when it was first launched and didn’t like the flavour or how it mixed. Version 2.3 is by far the best for mixing and the flavour is fine. I do usually mix something with it though (fruit or chocolate whey protein)


I really enjoy U/U and feel this is pretty “plain/neutral”: it’s grainy / oaty / earthy - for me it tastes like bread or oatmeal without something on - so like plain bread.

I drink U/U daily and add a bit of vanilla if I have a second Huel meal that day (so they don’t taste the same).

What would plain/neutral be to you? The taste of water?


The taste of sadness.


Fat is good for you and salt is required for literally all metabolic and neurological functioning.

And I think Huel is delicious!


If by the current version, you mean New & Improved, I agree - hated it from the outset.

Happily, Original is being maintained (I hope forever) and that’s delightful (to me) with just water, no flavourings.


It’s The Daily Mail…enough said really.


The Daily Mail Song via @YouTube


Nope, something like the normal Soylent, which is a weird sensation because it tastes like something but also like nothing so everything you add wont be distorted.

Is a difficult flavour, in fact is the antiflavour of U\U neutralising it.

I think its important because UU is definitely not for most people… Too raw. I drink it with 2 uu and 1 vainilla and still is strong for me…


I am a big time Huel user of two year or more it’s a great product but lately if I am in a hurry as I have a very busy schedule working in the food business I have taken a couple of orders of Saturo coffee and must admit I do like the taste and convenience (sorry) maybe @JamesCollier you need to look to development to capture this market also!


RTD is supposedely coming very soon.


Maybe we do :wink:


Chocolate premix needs to be next project! :chocolate_bar:


Or coffee😉


Chocolate flavour is the only Huel flavour I like.


I’m sure RTD will appeal to many on-the-go Hueligans and perhaps convert some of the opposition. As for li’l old retired me, I’ll stick with DIY Huel powder, thanks :grin:


I can see some use in RTD and will probably get some, but on the whole powdered the way to go for me.


It is frustrating when anyone complains about the taste or consistency of the out of the bag product. There is so much you can do to make it palatable to your own taste. Just needs a little effort and experimenting. Some just like to take a negative view I guess


Indeed! :smile: