Issues with the website


I have been using Huel for half a year or so now, and it has been working fine except for a few mistakes made by UPS and DHL.

But, what I really want to talk about is this:

In the pictures representing the different flavors of Huel you can see the thick, viscous fluid running on the OUTSIDE of the container, and sometimes even hitting the tabletop. Is it just me that get shivers along the spine because of this? Spilling Huel can be a mess and a little sticky to wipe up, put getting it on the base of your container is a nightmare, you get it everywhere you set it down!

Why Huel?! Why would you have leakage in your commercial pictures?

Is it just me or have anyone else reacted to this with the same horror?

Urgh, yuk! Yeah what are they thinking?

Do something like these instead, you numpties:

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Way better but still, food straight on the friggin table!? Who lives like this? Does anyone put food straight on to a surface like that?

Friggin in the riggin by the sex pistols that’s my response :joy::joy:

This place is using there cleaning up shovel to serve a fry up,



Who knows these days, some restaurants serve food from slates, in buckets and even bed pans.

I :heart: bacon.

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Oh THIS seems healthy! :smiley: :drooling_face:

Well, a shovel you can wash and/or dispose of. You don’t need to get your fingers dirty, or even worse, the table!

In a glass?? Have you ever tried to clean Huel out of a moustache?


I had eyes only for eggs bacon sausages fries and yummm :smiley:

This is true! I have never had Huel in a glass but I do have quite a large moustache and I imagine this would have to be followed up with a full body shower.

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Shan’t. I like my dribble pictures. Gonna post the most dribbly one here so you have to look at it again.


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That looks even more weird…a shaving brush and Huel…as though you have some stubble to remove.

Just kidding. I know it’s a shuttlecock.


Mmmm… Good idea having a shave with Huel then your partner can lick your face clean and have a healthy meal :yum::yum::yum::yum:

I wasn’t meaning shave your face… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s awesome Tim, please enjoy this similar image:


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That s’not funny.

Snot funny🤧 but maybe a new flavour boost to try.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!? Where is the keeper of this small humanoid sack of goop, isn’t it the keepers responsibility to have a clean groin fruit? Why on earth would you post that here? Now I hope you will have this image in your head everytime you find a lump in your Huel… cause I sure as hell will!

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