Huel in Chronic Ill-Health

Hi Folks

I am new to Huel. I’ve just had my first taste of it (more on that in a moment!)

I have chronic health problems that have left me with zero appetite. To-date I have been coping by eating high-calorie foods and unfortunately lots of sugar to make my diet palatable. Worried that I’m not getting the proper nutrition I did a web search and found Huel and decided that it would be perfect for me if I can take to it.

My first experience was not pleasant unfortunately. Even with toffee flavouring I hated the taste. I’m not giving up yet, however, as from some reading on the forum others have described ways of improving the taste - including less water, using milk, adding additional flavourings and putting it in the fridge for a while before drinking. So I will experiment with all of these and let you know if I manage to get it right for me.

One query I have: does altering the liquid / powder ratio not affect the electrolyte balance in the drink?



Hi - sorry to hear about your problems.

Taste is subjective - did you use unflavoured or vanilla Huel + the toffee flavour?

Electrolyte balance in a product is not relevent unless it’s been specifically designed for rehydration - Huel is food.

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I found mixing and matching with flavours helped keep Huel ‘new’ and ‘exciting’. Personal fav is currently chocolate!

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Out of the 5 flavours I have tried, I have found Toffee the worst. Simply Toffee flavour is not that far away from Vanilla and is certainly not strong enough to mask the taste of U/U.

Chocolate and Strawberry are much stronger flavours.

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Mocha and Chocolate Nut are by far my favorites!

Chocolate Nut is a little too tasty…


Chocolate nut?? Was this a flavour boost once upon a time? Why is it not a thing now? I really want a chocolate nut flavour !


No it wasn’t…but maybe in the future.


I really want a nutella flavour! but without all the fat. and more importantly without the palm oil…
Otherwise I’d just add a jar to my blend! mmmmmmmmm
So what was @pookey referring to then? sounds like flavour boosts they are talking about. Maybe he made his own chocolate nut flavour


Dunno, there was a myprotein chocopeanut flavdrop flavour that is nice in Huel


I might have to try making my own with cacao powder and chopped hazelnuts.
I did buy some powdered peanut butter (someone on here recommended it - cant remember who) and oh wow that stuff is delicious! But it was so good I ate it all in about 3 days and never got around to trying it in my Huel :rofl:


Oh yes I have tried that in Huel, it is great. Don’t think I recommended it tho.