First experiance with huel

So I received my first huel package yesterday (I decided to order Unsweetened/unflavored as I’m diabetic and the low sugar content would be better for my condition)

Opened the box, got my free goodies etc, so far, so good.

I followed the instructions on, 2.5 scoops of powder to 500ml of water and decided to throw in my toffee flavour packet (I purchased a sample pack of the flavours) immediately threw up.

I then saw the instructions on the flavour packet themselves, 1.5 scoops and 300ml of water (this time I tried banana). Thankfully, I didn’t throw up this time (although it was close).

The flavour packets are a lie. There’s no flavour, the drink did smell of banana, but no banana taste was present.

After a quick look on the forums, I went to the local shop and picked up some ingredients that might work in removing the god awful taste of the U/U (not sure how vanilla is).

So far, the best I’ve found to remove the taste is hot chocolate powder (I’ve also tried just sweetener, and coffee, both were iffy at best, but I managed to drink the whole thing), but unfortunately there’s quite a lot of sugar in hot chocolate powder. .

Does anyone have any recommendations for things I can add that will mask the taste, while also being low in sugar?

Just want to start with: I use new vanilla huel, sometimes coffee huel (v2.3)

I tend to switch between:

  • Chocolate flavour system (quite good actually)
  • Chocolate flavour with instant coffee added to make it mocha.
  • Chocolate flavour and orange essence.
  • Powdered peanut butter works well with huel as well.

I also sometimes use the myProtein flavDrops
Apple flavDrops, cinnamon, hazelnut milk - quite nice. (Though gets quite thick due to the thickener in the milk if you use v2.3 Huel)

Everyones preferences and tastebuds are different though. What i like, you may not. (We are three people in the household that use Huel, and we usually disagree on what flavourings we need more of)

Sorry to hear you weren’t so keen on the U/U Huel.

Unflavoured Huel has 1.0g of sugar per 100g and Vanilla Huel has 1.2g of sugar per 100g - none of which is added. Both are suitable for diabetics and both are ‘low in sugar’. Of course, if you’re using medication to help control your diabetes you should structure your intake of Huel appropriately.

The Flavour Boosts definitely work best with Vanilla, since you need around twice as much flavour in the U/U Huel, compared to using Vanilla (the added sweetener helps with that). I would highly recommend returning any unopened pouches to us and trading for Vanilla as it sounds like this would suit you better.

If it isn’t too inconvenient then do have a go at blending your Huel with berries and other ingredients is a great way to change the flavour, and there are more on our website.. I hope this helps!


After a lot of experimenting and trying recipes etc, I finally found that just a banana blended with the powder/water is enough to mask the taste. the only issue being that 4 drinks (4x3 scoops) with 4 bananas a day is making me worried about my potassium intake. On my next order I’ll be trying the vanilla, hopefully I find the taste of just vanilla/water more appealing, and I can continue on 100% Huel (I managed to do 100% for the first week, but when I realised about the ridiculously high potassium intake I was having, I dropped to only two drinks a day.

You’d have to eat over 600 bananas in an hour to have an adverse effect from the potassium.

Do people round here forget we have complex filtration organs such as kidneys and liver?