Favorite flavour packets?

I’m new to using this stuff and funnily enough quite ironically I heard about it on that Dave Gorman show. I have had an interest in the concept of meal replacements for a while so thought I would try the Vanilla sample of 100 grams today and while I love the idea and didn’t mind the initial taste, I found there was a rather unpleasant and bitter aftertaste, probably due to the High vitamin and mineral amounts. I would love to try huel as a complete replacement for a couple weeks to see if I can lose a bit of weight(and save money) but just wanted to know if anyone could suggest some of their favorite flavour packets to improve the taste and add some sweetness while reducing the bitter aftertaste I get.


I think the aftertaste you speak of is actually caused by the sweetener used in the Vanilla flavour called Sucralose. Huel offered an unsweetened & unflavoured version but it is an acquired taste. I’ve tried it twice and I can’t handle it so stick with Vanilla.

Everything with Huel takes a while to perfect. The ratio of Huel to water, the amount of Huel per portion, your mixing technique etc. Your body will also adjust over the months. People report gas and heartburn at the start but in my personal experience that problem has all but gone away now because I have gotten my portion sizes correct and my body has adjusted to the food.

Regarding the flavour pouches, my favourites are Strawberry, Pineapple and Coconut, Chocolate and Banana, probably in that order. I did buy Toffee as well but the flavour is overpowered by the Vanilla so doesn’t contribute much to the taste.

Some people say that mixing your Huel up and leaving it in the fridge overnight makes it a lot smoother. When I first started out I made mine with bottled water and then put ice in which helped a lot. I don’t need the ice now.

You can also flavour it yourself by chopping up all manner of things and putting them into a blender with Huel.

Bottom line, don’t be put off by the initial first experience. Everything will adjust and there’s many things you can do to tweak it.

PS - There is also no need to jump straight in at 100% Huel. You’re better off at 1 or 2 meals a day and mixing it into your regular diet. Even the Huel staff don’t really advise 100% Huel because it’s just not necessary. Make it part of your diet, not your entire diet.

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I think the aftertaste is from the raw oats. Soaking it helps, so try letting is stand after mixing for a couple of hours, preferably in a fridge.

I also found that after a few weeks of regular usage I came to like the taste. I think this is down to biofeedback; my body realised it was doing me good.

I’ve not tried the flavour packs but do enjoy adding fruit to vanilla Huel. I like a thick spoonable consistency, so I often go with 250ml water, 100g Huel, a banana & a large handful of frozen berries; blended with a nutribullet.

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Many people (myself included) refrigerate overnight and consume next day. I personally think this does wonders for the texture and flavour.

Everyone has their own method, but I mix a 50/50 blend of vanilla unflavoured with a 50/50 blend of water and unsweetened oat or almond milk, refrigerate overnight and drink from fridge and this is perfect. It took me a while to get ratios right, but I love this now.


Definitely agree.

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Hi @TumainiTiger welcome to the Huel family.

As you can imagine I’ve consumed a lot of Huel and this is my favourite way and it tastes real good… - the coffee and ice work really well with Huel.

400ml cold water

  • 3 scoops of Huel
  • three ice cubes (optional)
  • a teaspoon of coffee granules (optional)
  • blend or use a shaker
  • top up via the spout with another 200ml of water and re-shake
    v nice.

PS. If you leave in the fridge over night it’s even better.

Some great flavour ideas here: https://huel.com/pages/how-to-use#flavour

In terms of our flavour pouches I personally really like, Matcha Tea (I don’t normally like tea but I like this), Coconut & Pineapple (very summery), and Banana (just like banana milkshake)

Been on Huel for a while now on and off, had a few first days of 100% Huel last week.

I forgot about the whole leaving it in the fridge overnight thing, I’m going to give it a go.

I certainly did notice a bit of looseness after the first few days of 100% but you know what I noticed more? Someone saying hey looks like you have lost weight for the first time in years!

If you like very sweet flavours I can highly recommend Rhubarb & Custard mixed with Vanilla Huel - tastes just like the sweets if you put a little more in than is recommended! Otherwise the Pineapple and Coconut is very good with either the Vanilla or Unflavoured/Unsweetened.

As @Coup said i’ve also found the Toffee flavour to be overpowered easily by Vanilla.

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Since I discovered adding a spoonful of instant coffee to my Huel I haven’t really had it any other way, it’s delicious. I sometimes add a spoonful of hot chocolate powder too for a mocha Huel. Both delicious but the mocha adds sugar.

Before adding coffee I was adding all sorts of fruit & berries to make a sweeter smoothie style meal. Coffee Huel is far nicer :yum:

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Thank you for the great suggestions, I’ve just ordered two large bags of vanilla huel and will be definitely trying some out!

I would also like to make a suggestion regarding the favour packets. I think it would be a great idea to make a sample set available where you could order a small single use sachet (kind of like sugar packets) of every flavour at once to try each one individually, rather than having to buy a large bag that you may not even like and have to throw away. I’m sure all the flavours would be delicious but if they were all available to sample separately at a low-cost, I think it would be a good way for customers to choose their favorites and not risk the possibility of something they don’t enjoy long-term, as well as possibly improving sales as there would be no commitment to the flavour.

The sugar sachets thing sounds a great idea, but not sure how feasible, and probably costly…and of course the amount people use varies…most flavours I use very little…and everyone is different.

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That’s true, I guess I just wish there was a way to see what they all taste like without having to shell out 60 quid over a few months.

Yes, I understand that…hopefully it’s something in the pipeline for next year.

@TumainiTiger try adding a little coconut :palm_tree: oil
Some peanut butter powder and fresh ginger.
I use coconut water to blend.x