New to Huel, have a couple of questions before buying

I recently got 3x sample packets of Huel vanilla. I tried the pouches with different amounts of water but each one made me almost vomit, i understand the taste isn’t for everyone!
I haven’t given up on the product yet as i just found out about the flavour packets.

My questions are

  1. As someone that stongly disliked the flavour of vanilla will the flavour packages change the taste that much?
  2. How close are the flavour packets to their source (how much does banana taste like banana etc…)

Sorry if these questions have already been asked i’ve spent all morning and afternoon on google but cant find much on those specifics, also im not too good with wording things so i mean no offense or disrespect to the product itself!

Thanks in advance!

I can advise that the flavour pack I tried (toffee) tastes like that and does alter the vanilla Huel. What was it about the taste that made you feel like vomiting?

the tastes itself reminded me of the smell dry dog food gives off, also the consistancy and texture was a bit off for me personally. i tried it with 50/50 water to huel and it was much better, just the taste itself was the issue.
thanks for your reply

Hi Nick,

Sorry you aren’t getting a long well with Huel. How did you make it the first time? We recommend 100g of Huel with 500ml of water.

50/50 sounds like a very thick Huel you are making. Can you be more specific on how you are making your Huel, i.e. ml and grams?

There are plenty of things you can do though to make the taste more to your liking, so panic not! Head to this page where we describe some awesome ways to flavour your Huel!

I hope this helps you get the most out your Huel.

i was using half a pouch of huel with 5 parts water, the 50/50 mix had the best texture and consistency for my liking, it was just the taste that i didnt like with that one, im definately going to try more huel but with some of the flavour packets.

i just found out about this a few days ago and from what i can see its the perfect product for me to get healthier.
thanks for you help kind sir!

Ok, so half a sample pouch, which would be 50g? So 50g of Huel with 500ml of water but you used 50% Vanilla and 50% Unsweetened?

I would say that adding more Huel would help with consistency as this sounds a little watery, however if that is how you like it then great stuff! How you like it is the perfect way to enjoy Huel.

We have loads of flavour suggestions if you want to check them out above, or come to think of it we actually have a thread on here somewhere…here! How do you flavour your Huel?

All the best!