After a good rollerblading session its time to refuel the body



Hope you’ve put that on Instagram :slightly_smiling_face:

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I didnt why?

I think if you do, and you tag @Huel and #Huel, they might send you “Huel goodies”. They reward creativity, apparently. I haven’t posted anything myself.

Really? But I dont think I could get anything for that photo… Is not that good I think hahah
@Tim_Huel what do you think? I would like a Huel mug hahaha

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The picture is unique art it could be worth millions

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Only if you print it out and put it through a shredder.



My only concern is it could get me a Huel mug


What’s that whacky bottle?

What do you mean by whacky? Spanish here

It looks crazy, like a gas canister or something. But… it also looks perfect, very curious where I can get one :slight_smile:

Jajajaj I think that should be the official Huel bottle. Is from Dopper, take a look on their web or amazon. I have seen many many many bottles but this is the one that really fits for Huel. Confortable to put the Huel inside and very stylish to use and drink.


:+1: I think I like the steel one best - the one you have.

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Huel should develop a better bottle to drink it outside

I use huel also when inline skating. Curious to know how many “Huelers” skate…