Huel Stainless Steel Bottles, back in stock date?

Hey guys, do you know when these are going to be back in stock please? :slight_smile:

I dont know if they will be back in stock. They mentioned on the form that they will be redesigning the bottle so you can use it with huel. Some updates would be nice.

I remember reading there was a supplier availability that meant none for swveral months.

Yeah that’s correct. The lead time then for getting any more metal bottles to Europe was 16 weeks. It’s now down to 12 I believe.

We are also working on a new, better bottle. Don’t have many updates for that unfortunately, I have no idea when it’d be ready.

This looks promising…

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Like the look of that, we’re hoping for something similarly practical, perhaps even more so!

They’re a kickstarter setup, I know you’ll have your own acquisition stuff in place but it could be worth reaching out for white labelling

As far as I can tell they’re not available anywhere over here just yet so no competition to worry about

Any updates on this? Just started Huel and would love to get a stainless steel bottle. Thanks!

Looks great but their shipping fee is crazy high.
Edit: well a LOT of ppl complain about the cap on that HIIT bottle. Also if you Google “metal shaker botttle” there are a few others out there. Plus Huel will come up with a new one, hopefully soon.
Edit 2: ok i’ve bookmarked some possible alternatives (still want a Huel improved ss bottle):
Reflex Shaker Stainless Steel 700ml 24oz
Phd Stainless Steel 700ml 24oz
Fit & Fresh CleanTek 770ml 26oz

Thanks! I spoke with someone on Facebook messenger who said that they were looking at ones that are better quality and hope to have something soon.

Fingers crossed!

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