Stainless Steel Bottles

Does anyone know when the stainless steel bottles will be back in stock?

They look awesome!

This is great, keeps Huel chilled too.

But a bottle brush too as they can get a little funky after a while.

I’m afraid that we will be out of stock for the forseeable future. We have been searching for the bottles and whilst many companies claim they have them in stock, they all have a defect that means the lip is jagged. Rendering them unusable. Clearly these bottles are made in one central factory because every company we have tried as supplied us with dangerous bottles.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience. The search continues.

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I have one of these in addition to 5 plastic shakers. Part of the lid is plastic though:

One I had the screw in lid kept failing and would just spin, was this also a known defect?

Sorry to hear that, that isn’t a defect we know of. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, if we had some to replace your broken one with we would happily do so.

Has anyone used the Chilly’s Bottles? - They look awesome, I have asked Father Christmas for one!

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No problem at all, these things happen.

To be honest I prefer the insulated one that I put the link to from Amazon , sounds very similar to your Chillis bottle.

Thank you for the update. Im very keen to get one when you find a supplier. :slight_smile: