Stainless steel bottle

Are there any plans to reintroduce the stainless steel bottle? It looks smart and I would be interested in buying a few. If these aren’t available does anyone in the community recommend any similar items?

Supersparrow - various sizes…I use a 700ml one - on Amazon…

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I’ve been using a chillys bottle. 750ml, keeps things cool/warm as appropriate and looks pretty cool too.

I was tempted by chillys…supersparrow seemed as good, cheaper and had straws, a carry thingy and a brush. Does the job…i think when you are paying that sort of money for a flask they are all gonna be pretty good.

Definitely, well you’d hope so anyway ha.

I meant to say I hadn’t seen the supersparrow. I’d quite like to have three bottles of the same type to make prep easier, by I don’t feel comfortable spending more than £50 on three drinks bottles.

No it is quite a whack…i have 2 stainless steel shakers and one flask…and that does me…but not cheap. Won’t need to reinvest for years tho…

I’m holding out for feedback on the new HIIT bottles, SS shaker could be just right.

I use a thermos with wide top as it is easier to clean and if you make your Huel thicker you can get a spoon in to ensure there is no waste.

I use this, its great, also bought a larger one I use gor chilled filtered wster and use it alk day and night, massively cut down on wasted half dramk water bottles and waste in general

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