Disappointed with the Huel Stainless Steel Bottle

I don’t complain often and I know that this bottle is at a fair £10 however, I am really disappointed with it. First off it leaks, Second once the plastic lid has been unscrewed to leave a small opening the edges are sharp, if you were to take it walking with you to drink from the bottle it can be easy to cut your lip and third as it’s only a single steel bottle it gets freezing cold when adding cold water.

It’s a shame because I like the look of the bottle but it’s unusable for its purpose.

Its quite unusable

I recommend you the dopper bottles for Huel. Those are the best for me

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The nice folks at Huel have sent me a replacement bottle, I am hoping that I just had a defect model. I’ll post my findings with the newer bottle.

Anyone else got a bottle that has the same issues?

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keep us updated when you get the new one

Also if anyone else has any other alternatives, the dopper one looks good but its just one that appearance wise i have never liked

New one arrived today and my first test producted the below results:

  1. I can shake it upside down and while this one doesn’t leak water will slowly make its way out and after a few seconds droplets form around the seal. (Much better than my last one though which would just leak when shaken upside down)
  2. There is still metal that isn’t curved around enough to protect the drinking hole. Again this one is better and I don’t feel like im going to cut my lip on the rim however, run your finger over the top and it’s pretty rough.
  3. Still gets cold on the outside however, wasn’t expecting this to change its just the bottle design.

While it’s better than my last one and I can say that I could use this one whereas the last one I personally felt was unusable, I am not sure I would take it out traveling as water slowly does seem to come from the seal.

It’s a shame as it’s a nice looking bottle. If Huel are listening I would suggest a V.2 that has double steel lining so the cold doesn’t leak out, the seal desperately needs improving and I would make the hole bigger which is more comfortable to drink from.

@Martyn78 I agree on 1 and 2 it seems very cheap.

But 3 its just a design choice. If you put cold or hot content inside, with just 1 layer it will transmit the same temperature as the contents as the current bottle its not insulated.

That bottle is designed for regular water and at a normal temperature. Cold water will warm up very fast and the opposite with hot water.

What I dont understand its why Huel doesnt have a bottle like Dopper with a very wide “mouth” in order to even make the mix inside the bottle, (example below). Also for a company like Huel, having the current shaker its a turn off.

What you need its an insulated bottle, which are normally bigger and heavier, because of the double layer.

The Huel bottle is just designed to be a water bottle tho. Not for Huel shakes.

Huel could supply one and also a food flask for hot and savoury and there would be a market for them. Whether or not a big enough market to do so I have no idea.

I’d probably buy them although I do currently have a great food flask but not an insulated flask for a shake.

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