Buy the metal bottle?


Huel looks like a solution for me. It will solve my breakfast and lunching issues perfectly.

One thing, how do I get the smart metal bottle shown in a number of photos?


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Hi Paul

It’s available here:

Can the metal bottle be safely put into a backpack without fear of it leaking? Is is perfectly watertight? I’m thinking ahead for a way to possibly take Huel to work.

the metal bottle should come with a funnel to help pour the huel preparation in…!!!

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I second this. Can someone from Huel recommend a good funnel to use if it doesn’t come with one?

If nobody can answer my question about whether the metal bottle is safe to put inside a backpack, maybe someone can suggest where to buy a resealable plastic bag that the bottle can fit inside, until I’m sure it doesn’t leak? I’ve searched on Amazon for resealable plastic bags, but all I can find are little ones for storing much smaller items.

The metal bottle shouldn’t leak.

I’ve got the steel bottle, its not great - the plastic of the top seems to soft and its impossible to screw completely shut. I’m now worried about it coming open in my bag. Has anyone else got one? I’d like to know if my lid is a one off defect or not.

@Grenville_Bennetts sorry to hear that. I’ve just checked my metal bottle and yes it seems soft but that is the white/clear plastic washer, which is soft deliberately so it can be squeezed and create a water tight seal.

Either that or you have a faulty bottle. They are are definitely water tight.

The metal bottles are perfectly water tight, I use mine every day. I mix my Huel up in a regular plastic shaker and pour it into the metal bottle to throw in my bag and take to work.

Haven’t had any spillage issues with pouring from the plastic shaker into the metal bottle either.

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@Grenville_Bennetts can you retest your bottle and if faulty let me know please?

Mine may either be defective or it could be user error on my part. The problem isn’t with the soft white part but with the black plastic. Possibly I crossthreaded it and damaged it somehow. I imagine it must be different to others or I they would have specifically stated the same flaw.

Ok I will message you shortly.