I’d love a few HUEL stickers. Who wouldn’t right ?
Come on HUEL marketing team. Let us do the advertising for you.


I was wondering about this too. I would like to put stickers on my helmet or board just to advertise that my sports are fuelled by Huel!

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I’ll look into it for sure. We would want to get really good quality stickers. What brands have you seen with really high quality stickers? I’ll ask them who they got them printed with.

They would need to be:


  • Not paper based
  • Ideally removeable without leaving a mess but highly resistant to wear and tear.

Would vinyl stickers be better then?

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Any sticker manufacturer should be able to offer waterproof high quality stickers. I’m thinking letters only so no background. Vinyl is perfect for this.


I already mentioned this on Twitter @Huel, but there’s still plenty of room on my laptop lid!

Great idea.
I’m sure there are thousands of brands with good quality stickers, but I’ve had DMM’s (Welsh rock climbing firm) vinyl stickers on my water bottles and laptops for a while wit no obvious signs of wear = may be worth asking them (they’re a friendly bunch)

DMM are a great brand

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I’d put one on the back of my Vespa :sunglasses:

This is a great idea. I just bought a Chillys bottle and would love to modify it somewhat by adding a Huel sticker. Maybe there could be one included in orders, much like how you get Apple stickers in the box when you get a product from them.

Or Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi patches :blush:

I’d still like stickers!

See if we can get the artwork & then

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I’d love to drive around in a blue VW Polo Huel-edition :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you look into it @Tim_Huel , it’s only been 2 years :grinning:


I’ve still some great Huel mugs and mankinis in my garage…but sounds like like I’m missing a trick here.

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I can totally vouch for Sticker Mule!! Same people Google and Facebook use.

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How about sew on patches? We could all sew one on the rear pocket of our jeans…

“Farts powered by Huel!”


LOL love it! :laughing:

Huel farts could be better for the environment, if enough people have Huel maybe Huel farts will clear the planets polluted air and atmosphere.

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