Huel t-shirts

I love my tees the quality and fit is so good, @Tim_Huel is it possible to know your supplier so I can see if I can get some plain ones, I can never find plain tees this nice in shops. Side note, because of flipping Huel being so flipping brilliant I’ve accidentally lost a stone and now my medium t-shirts don’t fit me, hmph :unamused:


Been asked so many times, but alas, the huel t’s are some kind of custom order. We can’t buy them direct, except through Huel.

Darn it, they are so good, but I can’t spend my WHOLE life being a walking advertisement for Huel, I’m already considered weird enough

Hey Kate, thanks for the love on our t-shirts. So they aren’t actually off the shelf, like many t-shirts. We looked at the t-shirt industry and saw so many people charging mad prices for good tshirts, or low prices for bad t-shirts and just thought, there’s no way t-shirts cost that much and we can do it better. So we decided to make our own t-shirts, we chose the fabric, the sizing, the details, the stitching - everything.

The result is a totally custom, really high quality, Huel t-shirt that we give to all our Hueligans for free. :hugs:


They are fab T-shirts
Embrace the logo :grin:
I wear mine everywhere :laughing:

It’s just reminded me…who is the proud owner of the mighty fine "Don’t be a dick’ shirt. Was the winning story every announced @Tim_Huel


I saw this earlier today. Weird coincidence that you bring it up, but I guess this is the owner’s wife!

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Haha. Cool.

I had a quick look on his reddit account, he’s a pewdiepie fan, abort, abort!

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There were a few winners for different channels! There was some absolute gold, the one that made me giggle the most was this:

Told me I had a nice chin then tickled me under it like a cat.

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This reminds me of my friend who, if you scratch the back of his neck her purrs like a cat. Naturally we spread this information around like wildfire. It all culminated in a perfect moment where he was waiting for a train almost 100 miles away and someone randomly scratched his neck then disappeared. We were very proud :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I saw that too. Hopefully the shirt will rub off on him. The attitude, I mean. I’m not suggesting it has shitty dye.

That’d work on me.

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This is the fastest i have seen anything get flagged ever, big oof, as the kids would say :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guess I don’t win a t-shirt.

I didn’t understand it anyway. I often see dogs in pubs but cats don’t have the right temperament.

It was the Bag of Nails in Bristol. Famous mate.

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Whoa that looks great! I just looked it up. The reviews are fun.

A wonderfully cosy pub with a great selection of taps and also Belgian beers on bottle. And the friendly and cute cats are everywhere!
A must-visit when in Bristol!
I’ve found my new favorite spot!

2020 worst pub in England award.
Reeks of cat pee, obnoxious and rude bar staff, wanted to give it a try but felt like I needed a shower on the way out. On the way out after saying thanks, they replied with ‘your missing out on good music, but f**k you.’ Very much doubt it meets even 1/5 hygiene rating…

The pub is a bit like Huel berry…you love it or you hate it.

And it smells of cat piss.

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I really do but they don’t go with a couple of outfits, I’m a shameless walking advertisement half my life tbh