Huel t-shirts

We need limited edition runs to reflect the flavours:

Vanilla: White
Chocolate: Brown
Banana: Yellow
Mint Choc: Green
Berry: P̵̺̂̅͆̽͆̕͠į̸̻̦̙̥̹̜͈̮̗̞̲͉̪̗̘̪̹̩͉̤̦͙̹͖̱̫͖͔͍̿́͑̍̈̓̇̍ń̴̡̛̖̠͓̯̯͉̻̟͇̝̼̺̜̈́͒̾̈́́̔̏̾̽̆̍̎̇̚͘͘͠k̶͚̤͔̥͚͔̈́̊̋̐̓͑̄̿͂̑̏͋͐̕̕
Coffee: Beigey Brown i guess?
U&U: Clearly Tye Dye is the superior option.


F*ck me, if the woman in the dick tee comp. had stroked that bloke under the chin she would have lost a couple of fingers. That’s a chin and a half.

It’s alcohol and cats
What’s not to love?!
Everyone in Bristol loves it
The one bad review came from a non-Bristolian who obviously wandered in there accidentally not realising that pubs in Bristol are all a bit weird.
Finding the place full of cats is seriously the least shocking situation he could’ve found himself in.

The next best thing I have found in terms of quality and fit is March Tee (and i’ve done a lot of searching!)

Its menswear only though, although I think they could be unisex :slight_smile:

Oosch, they look good. The Boss Orange t-shirts are good, not sure they still make them. As are the t-shirts from the White T-Shirt Company.

Asket are good, and they do taller and shorter sizes. Outside my budget these days, unfortunately.

ASOS do ok-ish cheap tall sizes. M&S do tall sizes that are too baggy. T-shirts are really hard to get right.

They are! So good that these are the only tees I wear day to day now (and Huel T-shirts for the gym of course :slightly_smiling_face:)

Asket where the ones I liked the look of as their heavy crew have the same cotton and elastane percentages as the women’s huel tees, but hard to know whether the fit will be right. Thanks for recommending them though, good to know the quality reflects the price, gulp! Most of the companies who specialise in just good t-shirts only do men’s. I understand the premise but I like to dress in good quality basic clothing too, hmph.

They are from Sagacious Fashion. Saw it on a sticker inside the shirt.

Looks like you have to order 1500 pieces ;p.

Those t-shirts are fake because Huel t-shirts in black are 96% cotton 4% elastane, not 94% cotton.

Maybe, I don’t know. It also can be wrong information on the site.

But I do think that Sagacious Fashion is the manufacturer, otherwise there wasn’t a sticker from them on the shirts ;p.

Yeah, they do make shirts for Huel.