Huel t-shirts for ordinary mortals only???

Very nice t-shirt for sure. But anyone noticed that it is made for body of ordinary mortal? It is tight around shoulder/chest and bit of a sack around abdominal. Of course, it is made for those plebs, for that general body of the society… Understandable… But there are not just those plebs only. Huel could make, let say, 5% of the t-shirts for us. T-shirt that would be tight around our nice, good looking torso. Would be great if there would be possibility to choose between ordinary t-short and special/extra/remarkable/amazing/impressive t-shirt. Don’t you think?

You appear to be on the small side from your profile picture. Is it possible you simply don’t fill out the t-shirt enough?

That is if you’re not trolling of course.

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At Huel we are as inclusive as possible to everyone and this includes our t-shirts. Some people also find the t-shirts too tight. You could always try gaining a few kilos and losing the offensive language.


To be honest, it looks like English may not be @Vacationer’s first language and this phrase:

makes me think he was trying to expand on his thoughts rather than offend. I think he was using it to refer to “ordinary person”.

I am the master of offending people, and reading the post makes me think it wasn’t deliberate and even I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, if he was being offensive he can f*** off.


Maybe the shirts work well for those new to Huel, with the small shoulders wide belly body shape.

It makes sense as you get them free with your first order.

As you become a Huel sculpted goddess, you should be wearing a stringer vest most days anyway, so no need for a tight fitting t-shirt.

Although with some scissors, you could achieve this look with the Huel shirt:

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I’d be happy to wear the bit he has cut off around my waist. I can use some loose braces to keep it in place, and just have my manly chest on show.

Whatever his intention, this guy LOVES beer…