Anyone else think Huel t-shirts are tight fitting?

I really like my grey Huel t-shirt but can’t wear it :frowning: I can wear M&S medium t-shirts fine (38-40" chest) but my Huel large t-shirt (38-42") chest is too tight fitting.

I know there was a thread 6 months ago (linked below) about t-shirts and nobody commented on the size or fitting so is it just me who finds them tight, more of a tailored fit than a regular fit?

Feedback on the Huel t-shirt

I find they have a tailored fit, but that’s perfect for me. Struggle to find T-Shirts that don’t swamp me.


I think the t-shirts show off my new boobs perfectly, I am a happy chappy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a 42" chest and find the large Huel T-Shirt just right.

I think M&S clothes are generally pretty baggy. If you compare H&M to M&S you will see a huge difference.

OMG yes! I thought it was just me, being a chunky lass…no-one else seemed to of had diffficulties with the sizes they requested! I got a large, hoping it would be suitabley baggy & comfy to wear, but its snug & sits on my hips; more like a medium size I’d say. Very disappointing & adds to my body dysmorphia issues!

Hi @Coup can you measure your chest please. The Huel t-shirt is the correct measurements. My guess the M&S is not the size they claim.

A lot of retailers use “vanity sizing” as people are more likely to carrying on buying from a shop if they think they’re “small” as per the label but are really a medium.

Me, struggles to put on T-Shirt I’ve gasps for breath always been a cough medium. passes out


@nickymoo yes you are spot on, I bought some shorts recently size 32", in my eyes 32" should 32" it’s a unit of measurement! But no I put them on and they were massive, measured them and guess what they measured 34".

I think the term “vanity sizing” is perfect, e.g. retailers know what if someone can squeeze into a size 32" when they know they are probably a 34" waist it will make then feel good and encourage them to buy them, so lots of retailers are making clothes bigger and labelling them smaller.

At Huel we prefer to be accurate.


Sorry for the delay.

I have just measured my chest with a fabric tape measure according to this guide ( and it’s coming out at exactly 40". I’ve just tried both t-shirts on again and there isn’t a lot in it really but the Huel t-shirt is definitely more of a tailored fit than the regular fit of the M&S which for me makes it that fraction uncomfortable.

Stick with the Huel, it will soon fit! :grinning:


Definitely snug!! Thought I requested a large - a medium arrived.
I’m not particularly large but like a little bit of room - I was planning on wearing mine to the gym or to a class. I tried it on but won’t wear it as it’s a bit too snug & uncomfortable.

I’ve lost so much weight since using Huel that the XL t shirt I received now looks like a tent on me !!


They’re Gildan t-shirts, which I’ve always found the perfect fit. I am currently 2XL (Gildan 2X is fine), but I ordered an XL with my first pack, hopefully I can wear it with comfort soon.

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@coup hmmm this is strange. I’ve just measured my chest and its 43", 3 inches more than you and a large is just fine for me so at 40" you should be just fine.

Can you lay the tshirt on the floor and measure across the chest please. It may have been mislabelled or shrunk in the wash?

Great thank you, so the chest is 42" as it should be. Therefore, why do you think it feels “too tight” as you are a 40" chest?

Also out of interest what the M&S shirt which claims to be 38-40" chest.

I never thought to measure the t-shirts to be honest. I naively thought that a retailer the size of M&S would size their clothes to what it says on the label.

I have measured the M&S t-shirt and it’s 21.5" making it a 43" t-shirt, 3 inches more than the advertised maximum. The material is also thinner than the Huel t-shirt so clearly the two combined makes it a much more looser fit.

I still personally feel the Huel t-shirt is more of a tailored fit, whether this is good or bad obviously depends on the individual. The comparison to the M&S however is clearly flawed so for that I do apologise.

I’ve measured mine & although its a large size its definately not quite a 42"chest
As you can see in the photo a cloth tape measure reads 21 & half inches making it a 41" chest, the metal tape measure measures it even smaller.
But cripes I really didn’t think i was that big! :confounded:

The measurement is armpit to armpit. I bet if you lay the t-shirt perfectly flat (brush it flat with your hand) and measure armpit to armpit you will get 21 or more.

Mine fits fantastic, perfect for showing off my Huel gains!