Huel packaging

Any plans to update the packaging so we can tell what flavour we’re picking up without having to examine several bags? (We’ve got separate bags of coffee, original, U&U and Berry on the go in our cupboard).

Seriously, I’m super busy in the morning, I’m wasting literally seconds every day :wink:


I did suggest this a while back

Yeah… but stickers? Something bolder/more design led would be better. Soylent have smashed their design, will be hard to beat as an aesthetic, but that’s the kind of thing that’s needed in my mind.

Sure, I just figured doing it my way wouldnt require various bag design, could do just one with different stickers. Either would be fine by me though

Different packaging would be helpful as the other day I was going to use berry and ended up with coffee. Put me in a right bad mood all day lol.
I would also prefer plastic tubs instead of having to throw away the bags. At least with tubs they could be 're used for storage in garages etc maybe even recyclable which would be even better

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We’ve got some really awesome ideas for this. I can’t reveal too much as plans aren’t certain. We’re certainly looking at differentiating the pouches.


That packaging does look pretty awesome, but at the same time Huel’s aesthetic is good too (there are similarities between them - and others - and standing out and retaining individuality needs careful consideration. All these things take time and money.

I do like the idea of having a plastic tub - although not for every order. I store my Huel in plastic tubs that previously held protein powder. We do use far too much single use plastic and that isn’t cool. The tubs can’t be sent back for reusing as that throws up more issues, and not everyone wants to stick them in their garage. Plastic recycling in the UK is a very hit and miss affair - my local council is pathetic in their approach. There is no easy fix to the problems, so for now I am happy that Huel doesn’t use plastic tubs. I am not a fan of the pouches on a day to day basis though, which is why as soon as I open one I decant it into a (recycled) tub.

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You could use coloured Sharpies to mark the bags. Or even just a black one to write the flavour at the side or the top of the bag where you can see it without taking it out. You’d only have to do it once per bag.

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I have mine in labelled containers.

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@Tristan I mark mine with a black felt pen. Works for me. :pen:

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Just been to Morrisons for another couple of containers. They have their Lock and Lock 3.9 litre cereal dispensers on offer for £3.75 (normally £5). Well pleased :grinning:


Is 3.9 litre’s enough capacity for a whole bag of Huel?

Yes. I think my other ones are 3.5l. Will confirm tomorrow.

Hmm. I use those 5 litre ones with the naff lid and a pouch does come close to the top.

Can’t believe the ones you have are 5 litres @Coup . To confirm. I decanted my bag of mint-choc into one of the new containers with room to spare. I had only used about 4 lots of 76g out of it. The others I got from Tesco which are 3.5 litre capacity. They fit a full new bag in them too with a very small amount of room at the top. I cut across the bag with scissors as far down as I could and then inverted the container over the bag, scrunching the bag in to fit, then carefully turned it all the right way up. Am sure that’s the way you do it too.

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3.5l Tesco container (I don’t think they do them any more) on the left with partly used bag of Original, Morrison’s 3.9l on the right with best part of a full bag of mint-choc in it IMG_20190103_103202821b