RTD Incoming?

Saw this for the first time this morning, commence the hype train!

As expected, a few comments about the use of plastic. :frowning:


But, plasic…

Just kidding. Take my money.

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Are we sure it will be plastic though?
Could be aluminum too.

And yes, in either case the debate will mainly be about that.

I for one am happy they’re putting this product out. I had imagined before being on holiday not finding anything decent to eat (or being on a budget!) and just picking ready made Huel up from a soda vending machine instead of going to McDonalds.

More people will also get to know it through added convenience, let’s just hope the environmental impact of going Huel offsets the packaging impact. But I’m sure Huel will have their answers ready for this.

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I would assume they won’t supply in an aluminium bottle.


I need the ingredients and price tag plsss

It’s a stretch, I know.
Not impossible though: some beers come in them, Red Bull had it once, special edition Coca Cola… it’s just a can in another form. Probably very expensive. I’m also not assuming it will be metal. Just… keeping an open mind :-p

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Recycled but not virgin aluminium cans would be my preferred choice; followed by glass and then plastic. I think aluminium Huel cans would look very cool too.

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Aluminium would be nice!!! Better recycling rate than:

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Recycling is a myth. What it actually means is “Putting our plastic waste on a boat, shipping to China and leaving them to it.”.

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To an extent that is true, and that’s even more reason not to use plastic - especially single use - whenever possible. However some plastic does get recycled, I would hope Huel RTD would use a percentage of recycled plastic in the bottles.

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I, for one, am incredibly excited about this.

That bottle looks super-cool, but they could make a can look pretty cool too.

Can’t wait to give it a try :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to tell you all more!

edit: can’t confirm or deny that your assumptions are correct…



Can you tell us the ETA/timeline for when you can tell us more? Are we talking days, weeks, months?

More information probably by the end of the month.


Thanks for the update.

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Something very exciting will be announced next week. It’s been two years in the making, lots of hard work and dead ends but we finally got there. Very proud of the team for pulling it off.

That’s what @Julian Hearn put on his twitter.

I’m just gonna hope he’s referring to chocolate premix powder… these guys are killing me :joy:


Do we have any idea on the pricing yet? I know it will cost more than powder and from a very quick look at other RTD’s out there £2.70 is the average price for 500ml.

(and do we know the serving size)