Pre-bottled Huel confirmed!

Interesting article over on wired.


Huel ready to drink will launch in 500ml bottles with three flavours.

Chocolate orange bar

Pre-blended Coffee flavour powder.

I’m super hyped about the RTD.


Just waiting for a Huel employee to reply before celebrating.

Aye, it’s clear it’s a while out yet but I’m hyped that it’s actually being worked on and you can’t get more official than @Julian talking about it in Wired.

How about Julian & James talking about it on a live breaking BBC News bulletin which interrupts the next Royal Wedding whilst DJTrump tweets that Huel is fake news? I think that would be a tad more official, don’t you?

Wired. Really. Not that I feel slighted they didn’t tell us first [wipes tear away].


My presumption is that it’s going to be more expensive than the powder making Huel even more expensive than it is currently, I’ll stick to the powder.

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This is pretty fantastic news. I’ve recently been buying Saturo which is an RTD nutritionally complete solution. It’s quite pricey though, so hopefully Huel can sell their RTDs at a reasonable price.

Retail distribution would be excellent! I’ve loved being able to pick up Soylent Cafe in California at 7-Eleven.

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Any new Huel product is fine by me, I just hope the pricing for the RTD version isn’t too far beyond what the equivalent cost would be for mixing it yourself with powder. Obviously expecting it will command a premium for the convenience and packaging.

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I thought this about the bars when they came out, cool idea but too expensive… and now I can’t help but buy them because they’re just so damn convenient it’s worth the little bit extra cost

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when, when, when, when, when?

Does no one else think this is sad from a waste/environmental perspective? :confused:


Yes…it sort of goes against the original ethos and pictures of small stack of packs being a lifetime of waste… But this probably makes commercial sense… Premade is more convenient than make yourself. In US premade is popular… Not sure how well Saturo does.

I am hypocritical cos I will probably buy bottles of premade for those occasions when I am travelling and it will make more convenient. I have tried Saturo and didn’t really enjoy it. I’d prefer single serve sachets like huel used to make.

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Hopefully they’ll try to introduce those, who buy the RTD, to their better products suitably gently of course.


I think yes and no.

Compared to powdered Huel then yeah, you’ve got a point - but compared to regular meals it still meets the less waste/better nutrition/lower cost aims of Complete Foods (in my opinion at least).

If you look at the states, Soylent 2.0 far outsells their powdered version and has since launch. It’s in traditional retail too, which the powder isn’t.

Powdered meals will always be highly niche, RTD can and will be the product type that mainstreams the category.

@Tim_Huel; the Wired article says you’re looking for the right manufacturer and I’m sure you can’t say lots, but can you give us any idea of when we can expect the new products to go on sale?

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I completely agree !

I’ve switched from RTD bottles (Saturo, Vitaline) to Huel powder because i thought that having someone mail me bottles of (mainly) water from another country was a nonsense, and because my trash can at work was filling too fast with empty bottles.


Why not recycle them?

Depends what they’re made of, if it’s plastic, they can’t really be recycled anymore since China started refusing our exports.

If they’re made out of cardboard or paper, they may feature the plastic membrane to prevent the liquid soaking through.

I mean I wouldn’t say I particularly care, I’m not too “eco warrior”, but it does seem a shame for people who follow Huel for the Eco aspect.

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Hey there!

Would anybody have a referal code they can shere for me? I am looking to order my first batch of Huel :blush:

I did better: I stopped ordering bottles !

Great to hear you’re all excited, slightly sceptical and/or intrigued! We’re so excited this side, but there’s still lots of work to do.

We don’t have a launch date to share with you. There are a lot of moving parts with this one and any one could hinder launch date. It’s a big project that needs to be done well so that the launch is seamless and without any complications. Sorry for not being more help there.


I am concerned about the price