Back on the Huel train!

Ages back, I made a rather negative explanation here in the forum as to why I was dumping Huel and switching to a competitors product.

But as of today, I’m back on the Huel train and am very happy with the latest product. The Huel RTD fits all my requirements now. It tastes good, isn’t a strange lumpy good and yet is still nutritious.

I’ve tried many other RTD’s, but although they often taste fine, they’re just made with crappy ingredients and not viable for regular consumption in a healthy diet. The new Huel drink is different. With an oat base, and a much lower amount of sugar, it seems similar nutritionally to the competitor I switched to, yet even more convenient.

Excellent job Huel team :smiley:

BTW, I didn’t mention the original competitor back when I left, but I will now … it was Jake. Jake also released an RTD recently, but it’s ingredients list is awful and doesn’t seem much better for you than a bottle of flavoured milk. I may sporadically buy their powdered product as it is very convenient for when flying or hiking, but Huel drink ticks all the boxes for my day to day meal replacement needs.


Welcome back! Enjoy!

Great to have you back

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