RTD is a lifesaver

I’m an extreeemely fussy eater. Zero vegetables. Not much fruit. Mainly meat and carbohydrates. It sucks, and it makes it super difficult to not put on weight and eat healthily.
Every one of my friends would crack up at the notion of me having a vegan meal, let alone diet.

I tried Huel powder. Absolutely hated it. Like drinking chalk. Then my housemate got some RTD years later, and I thought meh, may as well have a sip.

(Berry) Huel is now two of my meals a day. It has also given me the tools to diet. Whatever comments you get about packaging, transport etc…you’ve saved a few cows and improved my health. So please god don’t stop it.


What flavour powder did you try?

Vanilla. Vanilla RTD was 1000% better too, but I wouldn’t have liked that enough to stomach eating it frequently. Berry though, I’m totally fine with. Don’t LOVE it, but not a problem.

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So stoked you’re loving the RTD! We’ll continue to work on the packaging but you’re right that the impact is far smaller than meat-based alternatives :earth_africa: Great to have you back on board :facepunch:

Hi @Trytrytryagain, if you tried Huel years ago, you might be pleasantly surprised with the powder. Old vanilla is now called original, and the flavour that is now called Vanilla is delicious imo. And both have undergone many changes


Yes, I agree with @RyanT. Huel powder is much better now in both taste and texture. it doesn’t separate and is less chalky. Best refrigerated overnight.

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