RTD for weight loss

After a year away from Huel, I’m back! Ordered a load of RTD. Been transitioning this week and ready to go 100% when I’ve used up all the food in the fridge.
Time for me to stop whining and lose the weight I’ve been complaining about for 17 years!
Anyone had much success on a 100% RTD plan for weight loss?

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I did when I initially started, but found it too expensive to use 100% rather than an occasional convenience so switched to powder - the extra shipping weight/cost on the bottles amplified this greatly.

Yeah they’re definitely expensive. I’m thinking that after a month I will probably switch back to powder too. But for now, it means I have no excuse and can just get on with it :joy:

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ive ne’er tried the rtd

is it good?

The berry one is my favourite. They all taste slightly chalky to me, but I haven’t tried any of the flavoured Huel powders so they might all be like that (when I drank Huel last year from powder, I only had the U/U). But they’re definitely drinkable and taste fine.
I think as long as you’re not expecting them to taste like milkshakes, you will find them okay.
For me, it’s definitely about the convenience factor this time round. I am a queen of excuses, so I know that I need a kick-start to any change in diet. I want to give myself every chance of success this time and so not being able to blame the blender being dirty or not having a fridge to store something at work would previously have derailed me. With the RTD, I can’t use those excuses. It’s particularly handy at the moment as my husband and I are doing up a house with no kitchen / running water so taking one over there is a super easy way to take a meal.
I don’t know if you are in the UK, but my local Sainsbury’s sells the vanilla RTD by the bottle in the milk section, so you could see if you can get hold of one to try that way?
They are £3.50 in my Sainos, if you buy on subscription, it works out at £2.40 a bottle. So it’s more expensive than powder, but cheaper than a meal deal.

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Before I started on Huel, I had a bad habit of getting a large full fat Starbucks latte on the way to work – I switched that out by using a chilled vanilla RTD and tipping a double shot of espresso into it instead, so from a convenience POV, it cut out the lardy latte / pastry breakfast and replaced it with a nutritious breakfast/latte substitute in one hit – maximising the convenience aspect.

When I switched to powders again, I did what a lot of people do and made up the breakfast one the night before so I only had to make the lunch one to take to the office with me.


That Starbucks hack sounds amazing. I was just trying to work out what to have for breakfast and I think you’ve just cracked it!

When I was on powder for breako and lunch I would make both in the evening, always blended with fruit as I had the U/U. I found they thickened up loads in the fridge too, which made them more filling.

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