Another Large Middle Aged Guy!

A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues whom I work closely with took a heart attack while at the gym and ended up having a stent fitted - he is back at work and is well now.

Been a couple of years older than me but far fitter and in better shape it gave me a shock - despite my own father having a stroke in his late 50’s due to been quite over weight.

Anyway, for a few weeks now I have been cutting back on chocolate and crisps but that doesn’t seem to have made much difference. I work away from home a couple of days a week and was in the habit of pigging out on chocolate, McDonald’s etc while travelling - pure idleness and lack of will power!

So, have seen people with Huel shakers before and assumed that they were for those needing protein for the gym etc but last Friday happened to see a link on Facebook for the RTD so decided to follow it.

Several minutes later, 2 boxes of RTD were winging there way to me that arrived on Saturday PM. Sunday was the start and had 2 bottles with some normal food. Took 6 bottles with me to work, Berry for breakfast and Vanilla for lunch and then had a normal, albeit a low calorie meal compared to my normal - using MFP to keep under my limit.

Enjoyed the RTD that much but seeing that long term it could be expensive, I then ordered the V2.3 Powder - 2No Vanilla Pouches. These were delivered Thursday and so my Breakfast and Lunch were RTD, my ‘dinner’ was powder with Asda Frozen Berry Medley and a banana blended in (I had a Nutri Ninja delivered same day).

Was quite nervous on the taste of the powder as have heard stories of many liquid food been rather yuck but am pleasantly surprised to how good it tastes - obviously the fruit helps! The texture is just right though IMO, has a nice oaty backdrop to it.

Made up breakie and lunch for next day - vanilla with instant coffee and then another fruit blast - not so keen on the coffee - drinkable but unsure if will repeat.

Anyhoo - between dropping the chocolate and then starting on Huel, I have lost just over 10lbs in 8 days. Most was at the start of that period but Huel has definitely helped as can control my calorie intake.

Plus as an aside, I feel far more alert at work and have more energy due to the nutritional balance that my body is now getting - something its not had for a good number of years.

I have always had a strong constitution so dont seem to have had any untoward side effects down below, although I am guessing that the powders have more of an influence on that and only been on them since Thursday.

Weigh in on 23rd - 138kg
Weigh in on 27th - 134.7kg (started on Huel)
Weigh in today - 133.1kg


This is amazing to read. I hope you stick around and continue to share your journey with or without Huel

That’s a good reason not to go to gym.


Good to hear your seeing positive results so far! i start tomorrow and ive been apprehensive. I tried huel a year ago but never really commited, this time im breakfast and lunch huel and then a no naughties for dinner. Good luck!

A wee update… going to primarily use the RTD for emergencies rather than a regular thing as decided to portion out the powder and take to work.

Mixing in the shaker is fine, no lumps, maybe some thicker left at the bottom but the grate stops them becoming a problem when drinking.

Have now received Berry and Mint Choc flavours to take to work and will continue to blend fruit with vanilla while home.

My weigh in today shows 14 and half pounds lost since 23rd Jan. Would have been more but went out for an Indian with guys from work on Tuesday and had not so low calorie meal the night before. Have now moved into the stone below my original so very happy.

Had three meals on Huel yesterday, wife took kids to McDonald’s and I resisted and stayed home and had Huel.

Also made Huel banana loaf… didn’t rise at all so was quite stodgy but tasted ok. Kids liked it too but the 11 yr old who had a small bit had the projectile runs shortly after. Didn’t agree with him at all!!


Weight loss on Sunday was total of 8kg - seem to have remained at the same weight give or take a few grams since then though but not disheartened, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Already used almost 2 pouches of Vanilla and half each of berry & mint choc. Had replacements today and had a coffee pouch delivered - try that tomorrow for breakfast I think.

When home I blend vanilla with fruit and is delicious, at work, hand mixing just the powder (generally MC and Berry) - have to admit, not as nice but palatable.

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All sounds really positive!

8kg in the last month or so is great progress. I always like to think whether you’d of been happy with that when you were starting out, and then I always think if someone told you they have lost over a stone in 1 month, how inpressive that is!

I mix my work shakes at home and then store in the work fridge. Makes them much more palatable!

Yes, thanks Tom, am very happy with 8kg to be honest.

I work away from home 3 days a week and although there is a fridge at work, no freezer for the frozen fruit and dont want to lug a NN around with me. Could always revert to the RTD if needed I guess.

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Good Morning,

I step on the scales every morning as I rise from bed (when I am home, work away three days a week) - some days I do see an increase in weight but the trend week on week is still a decrease.

So, this mornings weigh in shows a loss of 9.1kg / 20 lbs since the 23rd Jan - I started on Huel on the 27th Jan.

I have noticed that my trousers and shirts have more room in them and my belt now goes to the next notch, almost onto another one.

Have now even bought a 2nd blender (just the Breville personal blender that gets good comments on here) for the office and take Huel down in pre-measured batches in Tupperware containers.

I have had to alter my basic calories needed twice now to reflect the lower weight and on a couple of occasions as I have lost so much in one day, our fit-bit scales - which should recognise each user from their last weigh in, has struggled to identify me so has me as a guest - a technological compliment me thinks!

Couple of weeks ago and an out of character move for me, I decided to post on Facebook that I am on a diet and am using that as motivation to keep going and post updates on there every few days. Two of my friends have ordered Huel on the back of that.

I am realising now that I am going to have to start doing some exercise, even if its just a couple of times a week, so as we have a decent treadmill at home have bought some decent shoes and will use that - probably just walking for now but at least thats a start.


Now down to 127.5Kg, loss of 10.6Kg (22 pounds) from my original 138.1Kg



Well done you! Good feeling isn’t it? :sunglasses::+1:

Well done!!

My weigh in this morning was…

Drum roll please…

126.2 Kg - Starting weight of 138.1 Kg so a loss of 11.9 Kg or just over 26lbs.

Really happy with that - another week and should be hitting 2 Stones - always good to hit milestones like that.

I feel far more energetic, do a couple of stints on the treadmill at the weekend, although tends to be a brisk walk rather than a run - never been a fan of running!

I have always failed on diets before, losing just a few lbs and then just lose interest and put it back on and more - I really dont know why I am enjoying it so much this time?

Maybe I have come to accept that my relationship with food has never been very good - eating through boredom when at work or driving (600+ miles a week as I work away from home a few days a week). I can now quite easily walk past the kids snack box / crisps / sweets and not steal anything - previously it could have been a couple of choc bars and crisps a day, generally replacing lunch.

I think actually speaking openly with family and colleagues about Huel and my diet has helped - maybe helping the psychology behind will power - who knows? Whatever, it appears to be working.

Maybe as I have a sweet tooth, while home I have Vanilla with frozen berries or banana and really look forward to it. My body seems to be learning not to crave sugar, although I do still have some sugar in my tea (the half spoon stuff) I just dont seem to crave sweeties as much? Odd.

Anyway, just before you fall asleep - will update later - hopefully on Sunday AM when I have passed the 12kg mark before leaving for work.


My weigh in this morning was 125.7kg so 12.4kg lost, just over 27lbs.

Yes I do weigh myself most mornings as want to see if I eat normal food how much an effect it has on the weight loss. I hope to transition back to a semi normal diet at some point once my weight has dropped and fitness increased.

Occasionally my weight does go up a few lbs but realise it is a long term goal not just a sprint.

Appreciate also that many could say I am losing weight too quickly but at a start weight of 138.1kg, in percentage wise it’s probably the same as a slightly overweight person losing weight. Still seem to be getting enough nutrients from the Huel and either the added fruit or fruit taken as snacks.

Heading for the long drive to work shortly, have my tea made up (damn that the shaker bottles don’t fit in the cup holders) and hope I drop pass the 2stone mark when I get back home on Wednesday. It takes me all my will power not to take the scales with me.

I do however have what must appear to be a drug dealers stash with me as I travel to work - Tupperware containers with different flavours of Huel. Plus I now have three of the flavour systems - all of which are a very fine powder, almost a dust. Best not get stopped by the plod!



LOL they would soon regret it if they got a noseful :laughing:

Have you tried it ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol some of the flavour boosts are a bit too fine and fly-away. Sometimes make me cough and sneeze. Have you tried the strawberry? Never again! :grin:

Got the toffee, rhubarb and custard and banana.

They ain’t like the real thing for sure but does make a change.

So another update,

Start - 138.1 kg
7 Days ago - 126.4
Now - 124.8 kg

BMI - Was - 42.1 - Now - 38

Total loss - 13.3 kg - 29lb

Starting to get into Shirts & T-Shirts that only a few weeks ago didn’t fit or were very tight and have far more energy to boot.


Well done!