Huel RTD Plastic

Just recycle :recycle: its not that hard.



That is a very interesting post, thanks for sharing that with us.

I guess the most sustainable alternative is the Huel powder, but when I use it, it annoys me that there isn’t a way of shipping pouches back for re-use like suggested here: Zero waste - Returning packaging for reuse (It also includes some interesting information from Tim).

That would increase your carbon footprint - Why on Earth would you want a few grams of plastic to be packed onto a dirty diesel lorry, shipped to a distribution centre, packed onto a dirty diesel lorry, taken to Huel’s local distribution centre, dispatched on a dirty diesel van before finally being delivered?!

I didn’t know recycled plastic were being recycled without any transportation, I guess I need to keep an eye out on how they do it the next time they empty my bins.

I’m not sure “recycled plastic” is the same thing as “re-used plastic”…

What I mean is, the plastic bottles in your bins don’t just get refilled, they get shredded and melted down and remade into new plastic bottles. That wouldn’t work for Huel bags as they aren’t recyclable. Are you suggesting they somehow get refilled and resealed?

I meant that it could be great to find a way to make the bags re-usable, same as some countries do with their plastic bottles, they clean them, fill new product in, and they go back to the store since it is almost always better to reuse than to recycle.

AFAIK this applies mainly to glass bottles - Particularly European Coca Cola brands. Coca Cola delivers new full bottles, takes old empties. Two birds with one stone. That model works. The lorry would be coming from Coca Cola and going back to them regardless.

By sending Huel bags, you’d be creating a new logistical journey that wouldn’t have otherwise happened, it’d be one bird with one stone.

Besides, it wouldn’t work for a few reasons. Firstly, the foil inner lining. Secondly, I’m almost sure the bags aren’t recyclable. Finally, they’re single use. Once I’ve cut that seal and the zip lock is exposed, its no longer reusable. It’s open to exposure with the environment.

Yeah it’s not ideal, but it is what it is. I know Huel have been looking at recyclable alternatives for years, but there’s just no realistic substitute yet. Don’t forget though, a lifetime of Huel consumption produces just one pallet of plastic waste

That is a good point, as is the link from @RyanT.

I am not talking about the current solution, I am talking about finding an alternative (if one such thing could exist).

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If Huel had found a workable alternative they would be using it by now.


What could possibly be a solutions for smaller bottles like 500ml huel and coke bottles alike to impose a deposit fee to have customer return the bottles to the vendor. It works quite well for bigger bottles why not for all?