Huel Hot & Savoury to go

I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this but I love Huel Hot & Savoury and would love to see it in portioned pots with the pot noodles or uncle bens rice pots as a grab and go lunch for work.

What do others think?


right now they are even struggling to give pots to people because of supply constraints.
And they’ve just launched so I think let’s get back on this topic end of next year :smiley:


Depends. FMCG strategies can vary but I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if some thought and planning hadn’t already gone into this, assuming the product is a hit with established customers.

Not saying it’s all ready to rock and roll from the off but they already have retail relationships and you’d assume that if all goes well this would be relatively low hanging fruit.

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I might be missing something but what’s preventing you from preparing a portion the evening before and making it up at work in the reusable pot? You get the exact amount you want and there is no going to the shop or disposing of a plastic pot every time.

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Absolutely nothing and its what i currently do, but at the same time i only order the RTD Huel not powder as its quicker and i don’t have to worry about scoops.

In short its because I’m lazy, i suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh right. Well at least David Attenborough isn’t wasting his time.

I should add that i recycle everything i can and that Huel bags cannot be recycled. Where as the Huel RTD bottles can.

I would assume something similar could be done like other prepackaged pot packaging where it can be recycled.

prepackaged pot packaging <---- try say that 5 times fast :thinking:

RTD was never intended to be a full replacement for the powder. Even if the bottles are recyclable and the pouches aren’t, the amount of energy, resources and emissions in the whole cycle of getting the RTD to your door and getting the bottle recycled afterwards far far outweighs the impact of using the powder. It’s enormously wasteful just because it’s slightly more convenient.

Pouring H&S into a reusable cup and washing it out at the end of the day really is the least amount of effort needed for a no waste lunch.


I agree with @coup on much of this but you have to also look at consumer communication and product delivery mechanisms. Some people may not be aware of Huel at all, if they see it in the shops (as at present with the RTDs and bars) then it will likely prompt them to learn more and there acts as a platform to them discovering the joys of the Huel website and powders etc.

More exposure to consumers can only be a good thing and a well placed product in a supermarket can replicate millions of £s spent on marketing or advertising. I agree it’s a double edged sword but if it can be genuinely recycled easily then it’s the lesser evil. Also far more nutritional value than those horrible pots which are to choose from at present.

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