Local Hueligans

Hi All,

I wondered if we could start a new thread for local Hueligans to get in contact!

I’ll go first, any Hueligans out there from Newcastle, UK?


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Wolverhampton, could be useful for trying new flavours/products!

Budapest, Hungary? :smiley:

Cheltenham here. Hoping to move up to the beautiful Symonds Yat come the start of next year.

Good old Edinburgh here

West London!

Snap!.. almost. I’m north west London.


East Staffordshire.

Wales. Unfortunately no one the Internet is ever from Wales.

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Bristol, UK

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North London!

Falkirk here!

Kent, just outside of London

I’m in Cheshire

Also in Newcastle.

I’m also in Cheltenham. Symonds Yat is gorgeous. Good luck with the hoped-for move!

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