Huel for sale South Manchester/North Cheshire

Hi all

I am extremely fortunate that during lockdown my employer has provided breakfast and lunch free of charge. I am still using Huel, and will continue to do so but I haven’t made much of a dent in my last couple of subscriptions. If anyone local to me (M20 postcode) needs a bag or two of either Vanilla or UU (I’ve got some 2.3 and 3.0) at subscription cost please DM me. All unopened. I can arrange reasonable drop off or collection with social distancing in place.

Ps- I don’t have spare Black edition, it’s just the white bags.


I know you know that Huel has a big ol’ shelf life, but how come you wouldn’t just keep Huel since it lasts so long?

Also, so nice your employer has sorted your breakfast and lunch during lockdown. Lovely gesture.

I know, I’m extremely grateful to them. I’ve got 18 bags I think, plus 5 Huel Black. It’s mainly storage space in my tiny home. I’m happy to keep it as I’d use it eventually but if anyone local ran out and needed a bag between orders it was an option for them.

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That’s a lot of Huel to store for even the biggest of places!

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Yep, I normally get through a lot!