Huel Party, you're invited!

Hi there Huelers, on the 16th of September – four Saturdays from now – we are holding a mixer at Huel HQ in Aylesbury!

The event will be held from 2-6pm in our new office and is a chance for you to meet the team, meet each other and have a merry time.

There will be Huel canapés, smoothies, an open bar serving refreshing mocktails, cocktails and more. Along with a Q&A with James and Julian, behind the scenes content, as well as an illusionist and goodie bags - because we are actually children at heart.

You are all heartily welcome to come, but we can only fit a set amount of people in.

So make sure you click here to RSVP!

You can find us here:
Huel HQ, Unit 5, Midshires Business Park, Smeaton Close, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 8HL.

Trains come direct from London Marylebone to Aylesbury station and it’s a 30 minute walk or £3 cab.

So to wrap up:

  • 16th of September
  • 2-6pm
  • HP19 8HL
  • Huel canapés, goodie bags and an open bar
  • You’re all welcome, but please RSVP above!

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!


If this is a success, you guys should do a “Huel European Tour” ! Or just come to Belgium, it would be fine :rofl:


Super tempted by this. Bit of a drive from Bournemouth though.


Sounds awesome. Sent back the RSVP.

Tim, what is the parking like? I’ve looked at trains and busses and neither are a sensible option for me so I’ll have to drive.


I’m looking forward to it especially as I’m local, hoping to sample some of the Huel recipes :hugs:


Part of me would like to come, but I’m an introvert.


Same haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (also it’s a very expensive train ticket from Devon)

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Too far from Aberdeen!

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Parking shouldn’t be an issue at all as it’s a Saturday! We’re on an industrial estate so parking is a free for all outside of our car park.

We’d love to meet as many of you as possible, appreciate it is a long way to come for many but it will be such good fun!


I’ll be busy running an Open Weekend at the Web Link: Lea Bailey Light Railway but just as I do every Sunday when I’m volunteering at the railway I will be powered by Huel. Locomotives will be powered by diesel, batteries or compressed air.

Huel railway


Hey Tristan, I’m in Poole and was interested in going too but put off by the drive. Maybe we could car share?

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Any chance of trying this in the devon factory ?

Far easier for me and my wife to get to that as we are in Torquay :wink:

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I live almost right next to Aylesbury so I’ll try to make the effort to attend :smiley:


Seconded! I am also in Devon and would love to come to any event in this area :slight_smile:

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How’s this looking @TimOfficeHuel? Many coming?

Also what are the chances of being able to buy a flavour pouch sample pack and try on some of the hoodies? I want a hoodie but would prefer to try them on for size first.

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I’d like to try on a flavour pack…especially strawberries and cream…

That was never part of the flavour pack and looks like S&C has left the building…

I know…just joshing…shame through…it’s in bins across the country.


lol harsh…