Festivals: an Untapped Market?

I’m not particularly an avid festival goer, but I understand a lot of people are. Would having a Huel stall at a festival be a good way to reach new people?

I’m not talking about selling the packets and saying “When you’ve finished having your fun, go home and blend this with water.” I mean selling freshly blended cups of Huel to them. They could choose from all the flavours.

If there’s two things that people having fun in the sun absolutely always need, it’s water and food. Give them both in a tasty drink.

If you blended it with ice, on a hot day it would be a real winner.


If you sold it blended with fruit or as a smoothie to make it look like something more familiar, yes. You could also sell it as a pick-me-up after a severe hangover :slight_smile: Especially when it’s served cooled on a hot day.

Yeah, good idea :slight_smile:


Yes I could definitely see a Huel stand at a festival.

However, I do know some these festivals and events are crazy expensive for the pitch, plus you need the vehicle and staff.

If any huelers have an info / knowledge on this subject I would be interested to hear numbers, etc.

I’ve now got a U2 song in my head - replacing ‘Zoo Station’ with ‘Huel Station’.

That’s my ear worm for today…

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A lot of people will do a couple of shifts at a festival for a free ticket or for minimum money.


Going to be hitting a few festivals this summer and taking Huel with me. Will let y’all know how it goes. :grin:

Years ago I remember being at a festival and buying a smoothie containing banana and raspberry. I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but I would probably have happily paid quite a lot to have the convenience of a nice cold drink like that.

One way it could work is to have some customers set up a stall. In exchange for the publicity, maybe Huel could give them the bags of Huel for free and let them keep the profit, but the stall holders would have to pay for the stall. You could supply banners with Huel.com on them. With most people having smartphones these days, many of them would probably visit the website right there.