Bloodstock Festival + Huel

Hello guys & girls,

New Hueler here, and absolutely loving how it’s changed my entire approach to eating and meal prep. Every day is simpler, quicker, healthier and as a result, more productive. Completely sold and converted to the stuff.

Tomorrow I hit the road to Bloodstock Festival, Derbyshire, with my band. We’ll be there til Monday, and although I’ll be eating regular food due to restrictions on taking food & drink into the main arena, I’ll be consuming between 2-3 full bottles of Huel each day, every day. Festival food is notoriously unhealthy, unpredictable, and damn expensive! My shakers will be pre-prepped in the morning (or the night before if I’m feeling capable :wink: ) and carried in a rucksack.

This should make getting in a decent amount of quality calories each day, so much easier.

If anyone else is heading there, definitely give me a shout. Always keen to meet other Huel users and/or fellow metal heads. And of course, come see us play on the Saturday!



I did 7 days of 2 meals a day Huel over Glastonbury Festival…didn’t buy a single meal (cos yes it is expensive)…did have several cheats - peanuts, crisps, and some booze…prepped a bit; had some Huel bars and other snack bars too. Only annoyance was not having access to a fridge as I prefer Huel premade the night before.

See you play, who are you?

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Nice one, must’ve saved a wad of cash from not buying festival junk.

I’m with you on the fridge thing though. Prepping in advance is all well and good, but not only does it taste so much better cold, it also helps to smooth out most of the lumpiness, I find. I’m taking my rotary whisk because, like nearly everyone here, they’re finding the new version seriously lumpy and hard to choke down. So I always whisk, refrigerate overnight and it’s smooth as silk. But won’t have that luxury at the festival.

Anyway we’re Infected Dead from Kent. Certainly a different vibe from Glastonbury though :wink:

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Yeah food at Glastonbury is about 8 to 10 quid for a not fantastic meal. Manic Organic is the best caterer, but I missed them this year.

Haha you might say a different vibe…but I did watch Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Wormrot and Ho99o9 at Glastonbury.

I prefer bands like Cattle Decapitation and Heaven Shall Burn to Ed Sheehan and Coldplay any day.

I will check your band out later…

Yeah you’re not wrong. £10 is totally the going rate for an average size portion of fat, grease and God knows what else.

Haha well that’s much more up my street than the usual Glasto stuff. Maybe you wouldn’t mind the sound of us after all haha.

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I’m currently at Sidmouth folk festival. Been living on Huel since Friday. Saving time and money. I’m making the shakes as I need them during the day transporting individual pre-measured tubs of huel powder, Huel shaker and 2 litres bottled water in small shopping trolley with other stuff I’ll need during the day. Feeling great.


I like all sorts of bands from Sunno))) to Ludovico Einaudi…although you don’t really experience Sunno))) with just your ears…they make your chest cavity feel like it will explode…when I saw them play a couple years ago they caused structural damage to the building (true story).

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The Sidmouth herring gulls won’t be happy with your food choices there. They prefer chips…I was there a couple weeks ago…and they were well sneaky…you can watch them eyeing up their victims before they swoop in to steal things.

The woman flashing her breast on the live BBC TV broadcast from the Sidmouth festival was amusing.

Did you know that your website is down?

Yeah, it was only ever a redirect to our Facebook page, but decided it wasn’t worth renewing the subscription.

Anyway, pleased to report the festival went well and that Huel is a handy addition to have when food is either scarce, hard to find, or expensive to buy. If it’s being made more than 12-24 hours in advance though, a fridge is a must!

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I used Huel at Bloodstock last year over the three days. I travelled in each day as I was based in Derby each night. I was more concerned about the shakers being confiscated at the gate, but that didn’t happen. I was wearing Huel T-shirts all weekend.

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Very surprised you didn’t have the shakers confiscated. Did they actually find them? They’ve been quite strict on the gates recently.

Hope you had a good time. Did you go this year?

I had a great time. Yes, I was lucky I guess. I don’t have much in my back back so it might have looked empty. I didn’t attend this year as the line up wasn’t great for me. I’m going this year as Priest are playing and I’ve never seen them live.