Huel for Travel

Hey Hueligans,

I’m sure this has been posted a thousand times before but one of the main reasons I love Huel is the convenience it brings to travel.
I’m used to eating fairly well (whether consuming Huel or that traditional ‘knife-and-fork’ food that used to be so popular!) so I try to maintain this when I go away.

Just over a week ago I came back from a trip to the North Yorkshire Moors and the Dales. It goes without saying if you haven’t visited these beautiful national parks then you absolutely should (but don’t forget your Huel)!
Having Huel was a blessing when you’re miles from anywhere and needing nothing more than a shaker and a water supply makes the whole thing effortless as well, crucially, unbelievably cheap!

Also, sometimes, it has to be said that when you’re on a ‘self-care’ mission (hiking, wild swimming, sunbathing, getting back to nature, etc) you don’t always want calorific pubgrub at the end of the day.
All in all this makes Huel the perfect solution for such a trip.

I’m running a little low on levels right now but I intend to grab three more bags ready for my next hiking trip next week.
I’ve been trying to do some calculations to workout how many bags I’ll need for a fortnight’s trip! Obviously, I don’t want to weigh myself down but I don’t want to run out either.
Beyond this my next big adventure that I am planning is a camping trip wholly powered by Huel! Wish me luck!

Hope this proves a little useful to any readers out there.



Hey Rob, welcome to the forum! Loved reading this, and :point_up: this honestly sounds like one of my dream trips! Just come back from the Lake District and Huel was a perfect camping breakfast.

Do you carry the Huel pouch/s on your back? Or keep them in a car as a base? 3 pouches would be a lot to carry! How long you going for?