Hiked 76k in one go at the weekend fuelled by Huel

My husband and I did our longest hike at the weekend (crazy i know) and walked 76k. I normally take Huel as one meal but given we were walking for 16 hours I took two lots (Black edition vanilla and strawberries and cream) and even my husband had some and it keep us going really well. We ate other snacks in-between but have to say thank you to Huel for its product as walks like that are proof its a great balanced product that really acts like a balanced meal. I love it as its filling but less heavy on the stomach.


This is totally EPIC! Where were you hiking? This is almost 50 miles, did you run some, that is so so far! Honestly amazing, and so pleased Huel fuelled you for part of it, great choice on Black Edition!

Hi, it was totally flat so should have called it “walking” not “hiking” but still !! No we didn’t run any but walked almost continually. We live in Essex so it was along the coast and salt marshes in Essex which are really beautiful. Yes loving the Black Edition Vanilla and Strawberries/Cream and next time going to venture to try Banana and then not sure what other flavour. How similar is the Black chocolate to the taste of the Protein chocolate one? I like the chocolate protein but seen a lot of people not liking Black chocolate.

Ditto, I’ve been using Huel on hikes for some time now. I even carried a full pack edition on a 25 day hike around Sri Lanka and made one portion up every day. On single day or short hikes it is so easy to prepare and carry. Would defo recommend it for hiking!

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i’m thinking of taking huel on the camino de santiago and shipping it ahead in small batches to post offices along the way to avoid the weight. has anyone tried this?

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Sounds like a great idea! I guess so long as they would hold the packages for you it would be ideal! Perhaps some other goodies too would help spur you on.

Which route would you do? And would you do the whole of that route?

So I actually did this last year. It took me 21 days and I had my two shakers, 42 bars, and four black bags with me. It worked great. But I will say this, you’ll miss out on quite a lot of social activities if you don’t eat in the restaurants along the way especially in the evenings.

hi tim- yes - spanish post offices will hold mail/forward it ahead for pilgrims or i could use one of the luggage transfer services to carry it ahead for me! i plan to do the french route starting in st jean pied de port and go all the way from there but it wont be until the spring at this point. yes i’d be more than happy to introduce more products into the mix :slight_smile:

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hi there- wow i am impressed! very well done! i am not too concerned about the social festivities. i’m 63 and going for other reasons. i’ll probably have to pick up my huel at spots along the way or forward it ahead as that seems like a lot of weight for me to carry personally. would love to hear more about your experience- brilliant! :slight_smile:

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Hmmmmm sorry I didnt see this until now!
So my experienc in general was fab. My huel experience was also fab! You will get a LOT of attention. Take some bars with you if you can. You will always be able to make a huel due to the tonns of public springs you will come across. People will get very envious of you when they see you eating so convieniently!

Every major city will have post offices. I am sure you can have deliveries sent to them, and they will hold the packages there.

One of my favorite experiences was walking into an Italian restaurant, planting my water bottle (huel shaker) on the counter and chatting to the guy. Turns out, hes a big huel fan! We both conencted over that, and I ate there for free.

I’ll find out where it is, and send you a PM. PLEASE go visit him! (If hes on your route) Aamzing pizza, and I think he’s on these forums? I know hes on the Reddit…


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I love this story! Hueligan friends from round the world! Hope he get’s in touch!

thx sounds awesome! :slight_smile: