Huel bars for long backpacking trips?

Hello Hueligans, I am currently planning a long bicycle and camping tour in a couple/few years, that will have me cycling 6-10 hours a day for between 2-4 weeks, a lot of the time away from amenities, (basically going a JOGLE but more of a sightseeing run rather than a fast run in a straight line, i do a bit of east and west coast along the journey too to try and put it into perspective, I cross Scotland east to west twice before even entering England), would Huel Bars be the most cost-effective and most efficient weight to calorie food I can carry? I’m just imagining myself with 300 Huel Bars and 10 litres of water riding off into the sunset as something many would find amusing.

WOW this sounds awesome, what a cool trip! Any idea how many miles this will be?

Bars would be good, at about 406kcal per 100g they edge out v3.0 powder and Hot & Savoury.

However Black Edition is 444kcal per 100g (because a 400kcal serving is only 90g), so assuming you can stop off and make it from the wonderful water of some Scottish highland streams (or, perhaps, a tap) then some and some would be good?

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that was my initial plan, the problem was washing facilities for the shakers, I don’t mind drinking from streams, but washing the remains of a Huel shaker into one might cause ecological issue and be very rude to everyone downstream.

This is my current route, that is still changing as I keep finding things I’d like to see along the way, a LEJOG but the scenic route, should take me 17-21 days as is.


That looks amazing. Keep us posted. Not to try and upstage you, but have you ever watched the Man who Cycled the World? (Mark Beaumont).

Going back to the bars, I always take bars on my hikes. They are great because of their density, there’s no chocolate to melt, and it doesn’t matter if they get squashed. The only thing to consider will be how much they weigh. At 49g per bar, 300 bars would weigh 15kg’s :wink: but obviously you have to carry some food so it’s not just 15kg of additional weight. Are you planning to carry the whole journey’s worth, or dispatch some in advance (if possible) to places you can resupply from every few days?


I have hiked 3500 miles in 2 yrs and learned alot about nutrition, for me. I switched to a cleaner plant based diet halfway thru. I felt better, recovered each night better and in the end was able to hike upto 40 miles a day with a 15# backpack.

I carried 4 days of food at a time and had mail drops in towns to resupply. I typically eat 3000 cal/day. While consuming upto 6000 cal/day. Towns became a place to over eat and refuel. Here are my guildlines and what I used. I also have a Youtube channel on this under the name Bill Caulway.

Aim for 125cal/once minimum.
I eat bars during the day and 1 warm meal at night.

1 Amazing Grass Vitamin powder with water
2 Bars/500cal eaten during to first hour of moving

Rest of day is 1500 to 2000cal of bars as needed and lots of water. Most with electolytes

Dinner is 1 Box of Near East Couscous with vegan jerkey in a zip lock freezer bag. Later used for trash. I use Esbit fuel tabs and a titanium Sierra cup to heat up to water. Then just pour in the bag. This is about 1000cal. While that is cooking i have a Vega Sports Recovery drink and a Vega Sports Proten shake.

You could use the Huel bars. Think of the effort like this. Each day you wake up and are going to run a marathon or ride a century. How would you fuel that?

I was able to do it consistently without injuries and I felt refreashed each morning.

Good luck!

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I have considered both, I’m still working it all out, I have 2-3 years to plan… I need something to keep my phone charged for the duration too…

That looks amazing! Personally I would take some bars but I would also take a small stove and some of the hot & savoury

Only problem with that is even more weight for the stove, more weight for the fuel for the stove. It is something I am considering though.

Taking a Jetboil and skillet would open up more options for food which you could buy from a shop apposed to having to carry everything. There’s definitely going to be times where you would fancy something warm. Are you camping?

Ah - fair point, I always take a small stove because I need a morning coffee :smiley:

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That is the plan, can’t really camp anywhere in England without permission, there are so many things I need to iron out in my plan over the next couple years.

This sounds amazing. Some years ago I walked from Kings Cross in London all the way to Edinburgh. It worked out as about 500 miles as I wasn’t able to walk along certain roads and ended up going through all sorts of fields. It was an amazing experience! I walked alone for a lot of it but met some interesting characters along the way. Wish I’d had huel at the time!

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I’m wondering if Huel Bars are okay for 100% diet, because as far as I remember they have elevated sugars, though for the cycling I will be doing, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. That and my trusted Sawyer Mini for filtering river water.

@Tim_Huel I can use the 3.1 bars for 100% right?

I vaguely remember there being a recommendation from Huel of no more than 4 bars per day due to potential laxative effects. @David doesn’t care about recommendations though and ate 10 in one day once. Not sure if he spent the next day on the loo though!

I can’t imagine what it’d be like from potentially 30 days of 10+ bars per day…

Hi Coup I believe that was for the complete protein bars - as they are sweetened with Erythritol - a sugar alcohol like sorbitol, xylitol etc that definitely can trigger a trouser trauma if used too much :slight_smile: (as anyone who had one too many sugar free gummies or Smints will testify :slight_smile: )

Up to 5 x v3.1 bars a day is the recommendation on site :slight_smile: @Dan_Huel is it because of the Soluble Gluco Fibre? I forget!

Wow what a trip. How long did this take you? And for how long did you have The Proclaimers in your head for??

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Yeap it’s mainly because of this.

Ah, then I will need to rethink my options. Because I’m going to need in excess of double that per day for my trip, I can’t really take power, as filtering water into huel might be good but how would I clean my bottles? I can’t wash them in a fresh water stream, I’d have Greenpeace on me like locusts

What a haribo experience for them

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